Nike Shox BB4 Vince Carter 2019 Release Delayed Indefinitely: What Happened?

Foot Locker has confirmed that the Nike Shox BB4 re-release has been delayed. Nike is actually to blame though. The pain is real.
By Ben Jackson   June 29, 2019 9:36 am GMT-0700

GOOD NEWS UPDATE: The Nike Shox BB4 re-release did in fact, end up taking place. So basically, feel free to ignore almost everything I wrote below. Although, it’s a pretty entertaining rant if I do say so myself. The key takeaway here is that you can buy a pair of Shox BB4 on Amazon now!

nike-shox-bb4-olympic-vince-carter-navy-foot-lockerFor fans of basketball sneaker nostalgia, June 29th, 2019 was supposed to be a great day. Foot Locker had teased a re-release of one of the all-time classics: the Nike Shox BB4 featuring Vince Carter’s original in white/navy. Also known as the original “boing” and the product that almost single-handedly vaulted the “Shox” style into the stratosphere.

I even ranked the Shox BB4 near the top of my Top 10 Nike Basketball Shoes I Wish They Would Bring Back article late last year; you can’t imagine my excitement about my re-release dream actually coming true.

The release calendar showed a June 29th release date. As late as June 26th, the calendar still showed the BB4’s being released today.

However, about 48 hours before the launch, the Shox BB4 mysteriously vanished from the release calendar without a trace.


I reached out to Foot Locker for a statement about the incredible disappointment surrounding the 2019 Nike Shox BB4 Vince Carter release.

Much to my genuine surprise, they actually responded:

Shifting the blame to Nike is a classic move. Not that Foot Locker’s website would have worked this morning anyways! In reality, I’m certain Nike is to blame, but more importantly, the comment “no new date at this time” should send a chill down your spine.

Concern level that these will ever be released: Quite high.

On top of that, Foot Locker is having a bad day for other reasons.

  • App crashes
  • Website loading issues

Speaking of digital disasters, this is an all-time hilarious message to receive when landing on a website: Whoever came up with the verbiage deserves a promotion!

The notion that I would be willing to “wait in line” on a website landing page, (waiting to be admitted entrance to their elite club?) might just be such a terrible idea that it’s actually terribly good. Foot Locker, you’ve officially been nominated for best unintentional website troll of 2019. Possibly of all-time.


One simply simply does not tease the re-release of the Nike Shox BB4 and not deliver. There must be a completely rational reason why Nike forced Foot Locker to pull the rug out under from under us. 2019 was supposed to be the year that we could get a pair of BB4 Shox. Shame on you, Nike.

Let’s not let Foot Locker off the hook either though, they’ve let sneaker loyalists down on many occasions – we definitely can’t talk enough about the dumpster fire that is Foot Locker’s digital disarray – as evidenced by their constantly-crashing website, order processing issues, and mobile app downtime.

Collectively, we must demand accountability from Nike and Foot Locker until we get our BB4 Shox, as we were promised. I’ve gone so far as to hastily scribble on a post-it note: “Nike Shox BB4 – No matter what.” Kevin Costner would be proud.

I guess in the meantime, we’re subjected to checking Amazon and eBay for a pair of Shox BB4’s, but that often proves to be a fruitless exercise.

Congratulations Nike and Foot Locker, you’ve officially ruined my Saturday.


Here’s the real reason they considered re-launching these shoes in the first place. The year was 2000, and Vince Carter was on the US Olympic Team.Wearing a pair of the Nike Shox BB4 in question, Vince Carter leaped over 7 ft. 2″ Frederic Weis from France. Some consider the dunk to be the greatest slam of all-time.

While I personally have a hard time making the case that it’s not the greatest dunk of all-time, I also happen to think several of his dunks in the 2000 Dunk Contest (specifically: the incomparable 360 windmill) were more memorable – but probably because I watched the dunk contest live and was 12 years old at the time.

The Olympic dunk probably goes down as the best “in-game” dunk of all-time; certainly it’s the most well-known posterization in the modern era.

Watch the video below while you call Nike customer service and demand they provide a new release date for the BB4’s.


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