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  • Turboboost your Promotion with Add-Ons

    Our philosophy here is simple. Pay $1 for every 1,000 extra people you want to reach. Our add-on promos are like guacamole.. extra, but totally worth it. Just for the record, nothing competes with the email alert.
  • If you're interested in having Dude Shopping send an email about your thing to our 30,000+ subscribers, we're down with that. $30.00 for an email blast.
  • Dude Shopping has almost 15,000 loyal followers on Twitter, and they're waiting to hear about your amazing new thing. $15.00 per post.
  • Dude Shopping has over 11,000 very close friends on Facebook. For a little extra, we'll tell them what you want them to hear. $11.00 per post.
  • Dude Shopping has over 8,000 human beings on the Gram that are ready to like whatever it is you're selling here. $8.00 per post.
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