The Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss

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The Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss

Losing your hair? You're not alone. Hair Loss is common, particularly for men. Do something about it!
By Ben Jackson   September 10, 2016 11:04 am GMT-0700

From a cosmetic perspective, perhaps even a vain one, hair loss is one of the most frustrating things to happen to anyone at any age, as it creates a sense of helplessness and inability to stop the process of whatever will be happening.

Through time there have been remedies to alleviate this, though, from toupes, wigs, hair tonics, and for the more determined actual hair transplants. Various reasons lead to this, and we have listed the most prominent.

Hereditary Hair Loss

Unfortunately for some people, your genetics play quite a role in hair loss, of which by a certain age or point one starts to bald or lose their hair. And this is simply the way their DNA is throughout generations before them.

It begins as a receding hairline in both sexes. And for men, it’s a lot more aggressive, balding just over half to three-quarters of their head. To cover up this unbecoming transition, some end up wholly bald and keep the rest of the hair completely shaved, so it is not seen that they have lost most of their hair, even if it’s natural.

However, the Saskatoon hair transplant has been instrumental in solving this for many who desperately needed to hold onto their hair.


As we grow older, some people tend to have weaker hair follicles. As a result, the hair falls out more frequently, not to mention thins out more. But then again, not everyone falls victim to this, as some can easily retain their natural locks without much loss of effort to keep it.

Once again, there is not much that can be done to control this except to take extra care of one’s hair and keep it strong and healthy as long as possible.


With no treatment option available, alopecia is one of the significant causes of hair loss. It does not grow back in some cases, resulting in bald patches or spots on your scalp and inevitable uneven hair growth.

Because there is no cure, this is a lifelong battle that requires dedication to find a solution that works and will be sustainable in the long run. It is not always an easy process as various remedies work differently on each individual.

Hair Care And Styling Methods

An excellent way to keep your hair healthy is to make it receive the right nutrients and proper care at all times. This could be in the form of the best possible hair loss products, shampoos, conditioners, after wash care, pre-wash care, growth promoters, moisture retainers, and texture promoters and sustainers. While you might think some 3-in-1 shampoo products aren’t the best, there are certain brands worth considering.

When you style, ensure that you do not go backward by exposing it to too much heat and strain, inferior everyday care products, and anything that does not contribute towards the objective of healthy hair.

Even though some of these reasons for hair loss are not always in your control, go the extra mile to keep a healthy mane so that all these factors are working against it.

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