Accessories That Improve Smart Casual for Men

By September 9, 2016Advice, Men's Clothing

Accessories That Improve Smart Casual for Men

Looking to improve your best dating outfit? We can help you perk up your style with these top accessories for improving an already impeccable smart-casual look for men.
By Ben Jackson   September 9, 2016 11:22 am GMT-0700

The modern world has evolved past the point of strict clothing boundaries. In 2022, the best way to get ahead with a sense of style, is to listen to your own outfit desires. Gen Z wake up each day, look in the mirror, and wear what makes them feel good about themselves. That’s the type of energy all of us can get behind.

Smart Casual Never Goes Out of Style

Nevertheless, the traditional among us still evert back to old style classics as starting points for devising new looks. Smart casual is one of those foundation looks – and rightly so. It never goes out of style, it’s a comfortable fit, and you can wear it almost anywhere you go. It’s the ultimate answer for a date night, job interview, or corporate event.

Here are a few style-wise tips on how to upgrade that smart casual wardrobe so you can look sharp in any situation. If you love athletic wear and want to get smart, stay tuned. This one is for you.

Switch to Athletic Fit Pants

A straight cut pant can be unflattering, particularly if it rides up at the ankle when you sit. If you want to impress with a smart pant while still feeling comfortable, opt for athletic fit men’s dress pants instead. The slightly more tailored shape they present allow you a flattering fit to the leg. The athletic shape keeps the whole look casual, while the fit-to-you style adds that sense of tailored finesse that the straight athletic pant misses. It’s the perfect combination of both.

Think About Tech Accessories

Thinking freely about your outfit helps you stand out from the crowd with your own personal look. Street wear and dark wear styles, as well as modern tech wear, all focus on one thing: outfit digitization. Using these looks, your outfit uses tech as a focus. These looks have extra pockets in the shapes of iPhones or come with scales and Bluetooth sync to help you with your workout. It doesn’t get more Smart-casual than with tech accessories.

Advice on Accessorizing with Jewelry

Men can accessorize with jewelry too, and actually it looks darned smart. You don’t need to wear a status-symbol watch, but a nice piece on your wrist goes farther than just keeping time. It lengthens the arm and makes you look like you have places to be. You might accessorize a good smart suit jacket over a t-shirt with fun cufflinks. You could add rings to your fingers to place focus on your hands.

The Pocket Square

When you choose a smart look that doesn’t involve a suit jacket or a real tie, you can change your color matching item from your tie to a pocket square. You can use these on your outer jacket if you have a smart one, skipping the need for a suit jacket altogether.

Smart casual never goes out of fashion for any gender. Accessorize your outfit correctly and you could be the focus of any room you walk into.

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