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    4 Tech Accessories for Men to Help Improve Your Workouts

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    Over the last two years, lots of people had to change their lifestyles and put a greater emphasis on getting healthy and staying fit. One way some are doing this is by following an exercise routine at home.

    In fact, the BBC reports that sales for workout gear increased by 55% in 2020 alone.

    This shows how many people are invested in holistic wellness, since keeping your body fit isn’t the only way exercise helps you. Numerous studies have found that working out can also help you stay mentally well, lower anxiety, and prevent depression if done regularly. That said, if you want to reap the full benefits of exercise yourself or if you just want to get new gadgets that can help you on your fitness journey, here are some accessories you'll enjoy:

    Smart scale

    Since recent surveys state that about 41% of men want to lose weight, it's important to invest in a reliable weighing scale. This way, you can accurately record your base weight and future weight loss. That said, a smart one works best because they are reportedly much more accurate than the manual version (if they are calibrated frequently).

    Not only that, but Healthline explains that they can also be used to track how much body fat you have.

    This is especially useful since men are more at risk of developing visceral fat.

    Make sure to use a flat surface when checking your weight to get the most accurate reading. It is also important to remember that weight loss is not done overnight. If what the scale's reading fluctuates now and then, that’s alright and normal. The important thing is that you are continuing to make progress.


    The use of smartwatches has become the norm in recent times. Smartwatches are multifunctional devices that can alert you when you have notifications, tell you current news, or even show you pictures on your mobile phone. In terms of fitness, they can be used to monitor heart rate, calories burned, and distances reached (when used during running or biking).

    If you're looking for a good place to get started, check out wearable tech featured on Adorama.

    This includes some of the most used fitness devices on the market. Thanks to features like step counters and blood oxygen monitors, they've become staples for fitness enthusiasts and people who want to improve their health. What's more, these devices can easily be connected to mobile devices to share data collected, making it easy for you to keep track of your progress. This piece of tech can be used not only for exercising but for everyday life as well. This is particularly important if you're also following a strict fitness regimen (like if you're trying to bulk up) wherein other factors like everyday walking and diet play a role. Popular models are the Apple Watch and the Fitbit.

    Wellness monitors

    Any real gym rat knows that rest and recovery are just as important. Without the right recovery period, fatigue sets in faster and the body takes longer to strengthen and repair itself. Now, while taking a breather in between sets is great, nothing beats a good night's sleep.

    To ensure that you're sleeping well enough to let your body heal and power up for your next workout, use a wellness monitor like the Sense Sleep monitor.

    Designed to record your sleep cycle, sleep hygiene, and sleeping environment, these monitors can improve your sleep quality.

    Some wellness monitors can also be worn on your person so it can track how you move as you sleep, how many times you rise, and how your body reacts during sleep. Over time, the data these monitors record and the suggestions they make can be used to optimize your fitness performance.

    Wireless earphones

    Another electronic accessory that has become extremely popular now is wireless earphones. Gone are the days of annoying wires dangling in front of you and getting in the way if you want to listen to music while you’re working out. Nowadays, there are earphones specifically made for active people so they are sweat- and shock-resistant. Additionally, newer models wireless models are also designed to hug the ear snugly so they don't slip out.

    Make sure to get a quality pair that has features you want like a touch interface or a clear built-in microphone.

    Don't just take our word for it, consider reviews posted on the New York Times.

    Many of the top models make use of Bluetooth 5 technology, like the Jabra Elite and the Beats Fit Pro. The cutting-edge innovation allows for less latency and delay between audio from your phone to audio from the earphones. They make for a more enjoyable time spent exercising with great audio quality.

    While working out and getting fit still relies on good old-fashioned hard work, there are now plenty of gadgets that enhance the process. With the right accessories, your workouts can be safer, better, and more enjoyable.

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