Best adidas Golf Shoes: Ranked

Are your golf shoes holding you back? Here's our list of the best adidas golf shoes money can buy.
By Ben Jackson   January 1, 2021 8:54 pm GMT-0700

Well, you’re here. Congratulations. You’ve arrived at one of the most important articles ever published on the internet. Dude Shopping’s indisputable list of the best adidas golf shoes money can buy.

I can’t be the only one out there that has spent far too many hours of my life staring longingly at golf shoes online. With my list below, I’ve done all the hard work for you. 

Let’s start with an important disclosure. I am currently playing in a pair of Nike golf shoes I reviewed earlier this year. Sorry, not sorry. I’m also intelligent enough to recognize that adidas has incredible golf shoes in their own right, and in many cases they’re less expensive compared to Nike. They also just so happen to outperform Nike in a lot of important factors, such as comfortability of the shoe, longevity… you know just a few important things.

Anyways, there’s quite a few big name pro golfers who rep the adidas brand. You’ll be in good company with the likes of Dustin Johnson, insert other name, and insert other name. Oh and more importantly, and this one is super important: literally no one cares about your golf shoes. Yep, it’s just you. Some of the best golfers I know play in tennis shoes. One guy I played with earlier this year actually played with no shoes. Not sure the course would have loved that idea, but he was a free spirit and I wasn’t about to tell him he had to wear shoes. God gave us feet, and golf is the greatest outdoor activity on God’s green earth. Do we even need shoes? Probably. But before I go all philosophical and digress down a deep tangent, let’s talk about golf shoes.

So, do some research and buy the best golf shoe. That’s what you’re here for after all, right? No problem. Again, you’re welcome. Anyways, here’s the best adidas golf shoes you can buy today.


adidas tour360 xt golf shoesThe Tour360 is the top of the line when it comes to the best adidas golf shoes. They’re expensive (retail between $180-200) but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better golf shoes with elite, industry-leading performance. The Tour360 comes in both spiked, and spikeless versions. My personal favorite (pictured above) is the Tour360 XT SL Spikeless Textile. Not a huge fan of how the other ones look honestly, although I’m admittedly biased towards more modern golf shoes, where I feel the primary Tour360 is certainly a more classic design. You can’t go wrong with these. But be prepared to shell out $150-200 easy.


adidas s2g golf shoeEarlier last year, where golf felt like the last safe escape during the COVID-19 pandemic, I stumbled on a pair of adidas s2G’s in a golf shop. The specific black/heather grey colorway sucked me in, and I did a closer look at these and loved everything about them. They look ridiculously comfortable, and maybe as importantly – they are one of the best looking golf shoes I’ve ever seen. The s2G also won’t break the bank; you can confidently find a pair on Amazon or eBay for around $60-80. Since I already had a pair of shoes I fell in love with earlier this year, I didn’t splurge on them for myself. However, I gifted them to my dad for his birthday, who was in desperate need of a replacement from his 90’s era Footjoy’s. I’d be willing to bet adidas sold a ton of these in the 2020 season.


adidas codechaos nations golf shoesThe adidas Codechaos is aptly named. Among the more flamboyant golf shoes on the market, the Codechaos might just be one of my favorites. Don’t they kind of look like a pair of Kobe’s? There’s something basketball-ish about these that I’m kind of vibing.  They’re spikeless, but the outer is wrapped in something adidas calls TRAXION, so they’ll perform better than you’d expect. The Nations colorway (pictured) is pretty slick, but you’ll pay a little bit extra for the American themed version. The Prime Blue is another variation of the Codechaos that I’m certainly here for.


adidas tour360 xt primeknit golf shoeNike calls it flyknit, adidas calls it Primeknit. Regardless of where you land on the two, the result is pretty similar. If you like how these adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit golf shoes look (not for everyone) you’ll love how they perform on the course. The upper is waterproof, which is pretty clutch if you’re playing when the course isn’t completely dry. These are probably the most capable all-weather conditions shoe that adidas makes for golf specifically. They’re definitely fancy. Not for everyone though.


adidas tech response golf shoesThe adidas Tech Response golf shoes aren’t my favorite, but there’s a reason they’re this high on the list. Simply, they’re the number one best selling golf shoe on Amazon. Regardless of brand. For the price (typically around $50-60) most golfers have positive feedback about them. Seeing as some of the golf shoes out there will easily cost twice as much, you can get a new pair of these when the old ones wear out. The Tech Response comes in a variety of styles, including ones with removable spikes or alternatively you can get spikeless.


adidas codechaos sport golf shoesThe Codechaos Sport is a pretty solid option for those of you shopping for spikeless golf shoes. They’re incredibly lightweight, absurdly comfortable, and they don’t even feel like you’re wearing a golf shoe. These feel more like an all-around shoe perfect for walking the course. While some people worry that spikeless shoes won’t have enough grip to keep you locked into position during your swing, I can assure you that for most conditions, you’ve got nothing to worry about. These will set you back in the $110ish range depending on size and color.


adidas adipure 2.0 golf shoesFrom what I can tell, people seem to love the AdiPure SP 2.0 golf shoes from adidas. I get the draw; they’re a clean, crisp looking canvas shoe that looks and feels authentic to adidas. Something perhaps you’d more expect to see a skateboarder wearing. They’re fully waterproof which is nice. They’re spikeless of course too, but you’d expect that with this style. Do keep in mind that these might take a few rounds to break in. Some of the other pairs will be amazing right out of the box. You might not love how these feel right out of the box, but it won’t take too long for them to feel just right. Word on the street is that the sizing runs large, so maybe order a half size smaller if you’re shopping for these ones


adidas crossknit dpr golf shoes
There’s a lot to like about Crossknit technology and when it comes to applying that to adidas golf shoes, it seems like a matchmade in heaven. These Crossknit DPR’s are a spikeless casual shoe that performs better than the Crossknit 3.0, and looks better too (at least in my opinion). The chalk white / collegiate burgundy colorway speaks to me. If I wanted a mid-heel casual adidas golf shoe for a bright, sunny day — these ones are definitely on the short list. You can also get these for around $60 on Amazon. Solid value here!


adidas adipower 4orged golf shoesThese may look a bit wild, but the Adipower 4ORGED golf shoes are pretty basic actually. Just a solid all-around golf shoe that you can buy for about a third of the price of the upper-end of the Tour360’s. They’re pretty low cut, and low maintenance. Low profile TPU spikes won’t scuff up the green as much as some of the spiked shoes out there. If you’re looking for a pair of entry-level adidas golf shoes that happen to be fully capable in all conditions and just a touch of modern, these are a great place to start.


adidas adicross bounce 2.0 golf shoesThe Adicross Bounce 2.0 from adidas is a really solid golf shoe. Definitely following the theme of more modern-inspired designs, the Bounce 2.0 effortlessly blends athletic and casual wear into a pretty nice all-around shoe. For me, I love how they look but I’d probably opt for a more serious golf shoe. But again, different strokes for different folks. Many golf manufacturers are now claiming to make a shoe that can go from the course to the street; these are definitely in that category. They’re nice, and aren’t priced anywhere near the Tour360’s, but you can do better. Get the s2G’s instead, and thank me later.


adidas adipower 4orged s golf shoesThese ones are worth a second look. The 4ORGED S is a highly impressive, all-around rock solid golf shoe that will satisfy anyone looking for a spikeless tread. Speaking from firsthand experience, it’s downright shocking how comfortable they are when you slide a foot inside one of these. Hard to put into words, really. That’s perhaps why adidas bounce/boost cushioning is arguably the best in the industry. Only downside is that they’re water repellent, which adidas clearly distinguishes against waterproof. Again, only more serious golfers will have dedicated golf shoes for varying conditions, so you should certainly keep that in mind. But I’d imagine these are going to hit the mark for most golfers on any given day, provided you aren’t playing in a torrential downpour.


adidas cp traxion golf shoesLooking for a no-frills, honest to goodness golf shoe? The CP Traxion from adidas won’t disappoint you. For around $60, you’re getting a ton of value. While they’re inexpensive, they might just be exactly what you’re looking for. They’re not too flashy, and there’s thousands of people out there who swear these are perfect on the course. For a spikeless shoe, the grip won’t let you down. If you’re looking to spend less than $75 on a pair of adidas golf shoes, it has to be between these, the Tech Response, or the Boost 2.0. For me personally, I need a bit more swag in my shoe than the CP Traxion provides, but maybe just maybe, these fit the mold for you (or your dad).


adidas codechaos boa golf shoesObligatory absurd golf shoe inclusion here. The Codechaos Boa are the most um, unique-looking golf shoes on the list? Bold is how adidas describes them. Sure, I guess. It’s almost as if the designers at adidas had a competition to come up with the most ridiculous looking golf shoes on the market. They certainly succeeded in that regard. Not going to lie, they do have me intrigued. There’s a whole lot to like about these when it comes to course performance. There’s clearly an insane amount of thought and engineering put into these. I can’t say for sure, but they might actually be the best golf shoe ever made. Who will ever know? Very few of us. Hard to say.

Okay to be fair, they actually wouldn’t look too outrageous if you paired them with a pair of golf pants. If you’re rocking shorts on the court though, people will ask why you wore your lime green basketball kick/soccer cleat hybrid. Are you a rare bird who frankly just doesn’t care? Going for the WTF factor? These are the ones. Codechaos Boa for the win. I respect you.


adidas golf superstar spiked golf shoesIf you’re going to make a list of adidas golf shoe, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the most authentic adidas golf shoe perhaps ever made. I present to you, the adidas Golf Superstar spiked golf shoe. If nothing else, this shoe is all things adidas. Some are going to love this shoe, and others will hate them. I haven’t personally tested them, so I can’t speak to how they perform on the course. But vintage adidas? Absolutely.

That’s enough adidas golf shoes for now. Bookmark this one and check back later; I’ll update the article as adidas continues to drop additional golf shoes each year. 

Oh and, you’re welcome. Go now with this important knowledge I’ve imparted. Maybe fix your drive too, no shoe is going to help a massive slice. 

Pro tip: if you bomb it dead straight and land it squarely in the middle of the fairway, it really won’t matter too much what shoe you’re wearing. Or if you’re even wearing shoes at all. Likewise, if you crank shots way left or right, no shoe is going to save you from a triple bogey.

More important Pro tip: if you’re actually serious about getting better at golf, I highly recommend taking a look at Cleveland Golf’s new Launcher HB Turbo irons. I’ve been playing with them since 2020 and you wouldn’t believe how amazing these irons are.

I should also clarify — this is my personal ranking of the best adidas golf shoes. I’m open to the crazy idea that everyone has their own opinion, and criteria when it comes to the incredibly important discussion of what makes a good golf shoe. If you can’t find at least one pair you like from the list above, there’s no helping you.

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