Your PowerBank Wishes It Was An Omnicharge™

Finally, a smart charger capable of bringing your laptop back to life
By Ben Jackson   June 12, 2017 10:22 am GMT-0700

Advancements in technology are seemingly never-ending. There’s an app, website, or device for almost any conceivable idea. Virtually bevel-less laptops displays, OLED screens with near pixel-perfection, displays that you can bend and fold in half, even sharks with lasers on their head. Devices specifically have come a long way, but there’s still one inconvenient, constant reminder of technological limitation – the inevitable “low-battery” indicator that reminds you that our technological wizardry requires a constant diet of energy to resupply. I’m talking about a power supply. Charging your battery. Siphoning from the grid, if you will.

It makes sense when you really think about it. That thing you’re staring at has more computing power in it than those that helped guide NASA astronauts to the moon. So really, having to plug in and charge once a day seems fair, if not acceptable/tolerable.

While a few encouraging reports have recently surfaced about breakthroughs in battery life, we’re still not there. Ultrabooks can last quite a long time, but you’ll still need to plug it in eventually. Same goes for your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Samsung Exploder8 (careful with those).

Naturally there are quite a few companies out there making an effort to address this annoying fact of digital and device existence. If you happen to own the right one, you can even set your phone on a futuristic table coaster, magically restoring your device back to life (for maybe 8 hours until you’re right back at the same point). But that doesn’t solve the problem at hand.

The Portable Solution

By this point, you shouldn’t need an introduction into portable power banks. Sometimes referred to as jolt chargers or power cubes (figure out what they’re actually called), these handy devices can save you from the dreaded dying cell phone while traveling, or more simply just provide convenience in not having to huddle next to the other poor souls scavenging the airport terminal for those magical, life-sustaining outlets.If you don’t own one, you know someone who does. You’ve at least seen one by this point. (And quite honestly if you don’t own one yet, what are you doing with your life – you can get one on Amazon or eBay for under $10).

So, what’s the problem with my jolt charger?

You already know the answer. What has one keyboard, one display, a lid that closes, and a power cord that requires a 3-prong outlet? Yes Sherlock – it’s your laptop. For those miracle workers who believed the marketing hype behind “The tablet that can replace your laptop”, well – congratulations. For the rest of us underachievers, the laptop serves as the most critical and efficient way to do work. More important or portable than your mobile device? Of course not – but it’s hard to argue that the laptop still isn’t the king of the workplace.Depending on the type of laptop you have, you’re lucky to get a couple of hours of battery life when not plugged into a power supply. Yes, ultrabooks are better.. but that still doesn’t solve the underlying problem. You’re flying to your next work thing, sitting in the airport terminal, riding the train, or traveling in a car on a few-hour drive. You want to catch up on email (and let’s be real, Facebook too) and you need more power. What do you need? An Omnicharge. You need an Omnicharge.

This little device solves the problem that minimalist power banks don’t have an answer for – the 3-prong outlet.

Which size should I get?

The omnicharge comes in two different sizes – the Omni20 and the Omni13. Here’s a quick comparison:



Battery 20,400 mAh 13,600 mAh
AC Power 100W 65W
Macbook Air 100% charge Up to 70% charge
Macbook Pro 13″ Up to 70% charge Up to 50% charge
DSLR Camera Full charge up to 6 times Up to 4 times
iPhone/Galaxy Full charge up to 9 times Full charge up to 6 times
iPad/Tablets Full charge up to 8 times Full charge up to 4 times


Omni20 – $299.99 on Amazon

Omni13 – $199.99 on Amazon

Our Conclusion

If you’re someone who travels with relative frequency, the Omnicharge is almost an essential accessory. Sure, you may luck out and find an outlet near your gate, but the Omnicharge will save you from all the hassle. We mainly see this as a gamechanger for computers, or electronic devices that need a 3-prong outlet to charge. Of course, it would also be nice to know you can charge your phone up to 9 times, but you could just use a standard jolt charger for that.

Your laptop doesn’t need to die anymore. But if it does, bring it back to life with the Omnicharge.


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