Kohler Veil – The Intelligent Toilet of the Future

Isn't it time we talked about innovations in toilet technology? Kohler thinks so.
By Ben Jackson   June 8, 2017 11:38 am GMT-0700

Kohler-Veiler-Intelligent-Toilet-01Admittedly, it’s an awkward subject to tackle in daily conversation. What you do behind the closed door of your office, aka your master bathroom, is between you and the pipes in your walls. And possibly your neighbors too, if your walls are thin and you live in a condo.

It’s 2017, and it can feel at times like the pace of innovation in technology is overwhelming. Even for millennials, it’s hard to keep up with a new product launching what seems like every 30 seconds. Self-driving cars, Virtual Reality and AI, autonomous drones, and impossibly thin television panels are just a blip on the radar of tech innovation. Those things are cool and all, but for the majority of the population, they’re not affecting your lives.. at least yet. If you don’t own an Oculus Rift, you don’t really feel like you’re missing out. Virtual Reality is still very much at the infancy phase, which is why people aren’t rushing out to buy the Sony PlayStation VR, and other similar products.

So then you ask yourself, “Self – what type of innovation does matter, that I possibly don’t yet know about?” The toilet. Yes, I said it. The toilet. Also (and possibly more commonly) known as: the throne, the chair, the seat, and millions of other names. That (typically) white ceramic seat that is neatly tucked away in your bathroom. We don’t talk about it much and out of the context of the bathroom it looks unnatural, but we all know it’s significance. Next to the telephone, automobile, and PlayStation 4, one of man’s truly significant inventions. A device that makes one of the embarrassing features of human existence vanish before our eyes, through the magic of water, pressure, and machinery.

It’s something you use daily, and chances are it has an extremely limited amount of technology tied into it. Which is fine, right? Oh, but you just bought a new toilet, and the flush power is incredible. Or, you put an LED light inside of yours, because, what happens down there deserves a well-lit stage, right? This, this must be the height of toilet innovation. Nay, we say. Feast your eyes, on the Kohler K-4501 Veil: a highly intelligent, comprehensive, start-to-finish, arse-enhancing wizard of the bathroom.

Has ever such a magnificent creature roamed the Earth? Unlikely. The Kohler Veil is everything a modern toilet should be, a bunch of things you didn’t think it could be, and one or two things you might not know you needed it to be, all wrapped up in an incredibly well designed surface, designed to enhance and maximize your use of the throne room. For me, that’s what true innovation is. Introducing a product so revolutionary, that you didn’t even know you needed most of what it can do. Let’s walk through what makes this innovation such a wonderful piece of modern technology.

One-touch control of cleansing features

Arguably the most important feature of the Veil is the touchscreen device. Since we’re calling it the toilet technology of the future, we should have expected to have a touchscreen display, which allows you to control a variety of incredible feature with the press of a button, including:

  • Seat temperature – thank goodness
  • Opening/closing the cover and seat
  • Eco-flush technology
  • Spray cleaning your important areas
  • Drying your important areas
  • Self-cleaning of the Veil

Automatically opening and closing seat covers

Isn’t it time we did away with manual opening and closing of the toilet lid? Aside from the fact that it’s incredible unsanitary, and one of the dirtiest things you’ll touch on any given day, let’s consider the ultimate benefit here: resolving conflicts. Going back to the earliest of human civilizations, men and women have been at odds over lid closing. Seriously though, if you’re married or live with a member of the opposite sex, you’ve had this conversation.

Chances are, if you have an open/close button on a digital touchscreen, you’re probably less likely to forget this argument-spawning preventive action. And if on the off chance you do forget to close the lid (men, looking at you), at least your wife can close it without actually touching it. Technology capable of saving marriages (or at least minor arguments)? That’s technology worth investing in.

Oh, in case you weren’t already nodding your head in approval. The seat cover automatically opens and closes based on adjustable sensing distance. Think motion-detector lights, but for your toilet seat. Again, Kohler for the win.

Ergonomic French Curved seat

The shape of your throne chair is important, and should feel comfortable. Rest assured that Kohler considered your bum’s comfort when designing the Veil. The curved seat will exceed all of your expectations.

Front wash with 78 nozzles

What’s a front wash you ask? Well, it’s one of the many advanced features that the Veil will pleasantly (maybe surprisingly) “cleanse gently” with a handful of options. If things aren’t getting out of hand, you might just need the pulsating wash, designed to clean and massage. But while you’re improving your situation, you might as well flip on the spiral spray wash, as Kohler describes “effectively cleansing a broad area” with a more powerful blast of water. We’ll let you digest this slowly. Don’t worry too, sterilized water will automatically clean the nozzle as it magically vanishes back into the housing. For the more serious germophobes, they added an automatic UV light which santizes the front wash nozzle every 24 hours. Kohler really thought of everything, didn’t they?

Warm Air Drying

There’s something about “warm air drying” that just really resonates with us. I mean, it’s kind of a given, if you’re using the front wash. Think of it as going through the car wash: wouldn’t the whole process just feel incomplete, without the drying mechanism at the end? Except this drying mechanism is designed with more of a comfort-focus. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel that gentle breeze right now.

Automatic Deodorizer – WHY ISN’T THIS ALREADY A THING?

Why would a device that is designed to receive and transport waste, not come with a way to counter the odors created during the process? This should really should have been adopted as a standard a long time ago, instead of forcing the poor human race to embarrassingly stage Febreze or Poo Pouri in their bathroom. The Veil knows when the air quality is low, and offers a simple solution – automatic deodorizing.

Rimless Bowl and Powerful Flushing

Double jets and powerful flushing provide a surefire way to “clean the slate” if you will. Because each new artist should have a blank canvas, to create his or her own individual work of art. The Veil respects the artist.

If you want to get fancy, consider the wall-mounted model

Wall-mounting is no longer just for televisions. Imagine the surprised looks you’ll receive when your guests realize that your bathroom has a wall-mounted super toilet? Of course, this will add to the overall cost; not even the most modern of home designs are probably forward-thinking enough to carve out a space in the wall for wall-mounted toilets. It sounds ridiculous, because it is. But when you see what Kohler’s vision of this is, it doesn’t actually feel so weird. Actually, it adds a nice kind of aesthetic touch.


Starts at $4,500.

For what you’re getting, we find the Kohler Veil to be reasonably priced.

Learn More

If you’d like to change your life forever, visit Kohler’s website for more information.

In Conclusion

Quite frankly, we’re blown away by the Veil. It’s the utmost in modern toilet technology, and hopefully some of their more innovative features become standard in everyday homes. The design and functionality the Veil provides is innovation at its finest.

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