Massage Envy Hands-On Review

I finally tried Massage Envy and I'm definitely going back. If massage therapy isn’t part of your self-care routine, you’re missing out.
By Ben Jackson   January 9, 2020 3:55 pm GMT-0700


If you’re into brevity, here’s the synopsis:

  • Scheduling a massage couldn’t be easier – online is the best way.
  • At your first visit, they assess your needs and tailor a massage specifically to you
  • My massage was incredible. Like, life-changing. So good.
  • If you’ve never been to Massage Envy, they offer a pretty sweet deal for your first time.
  • Did someone say massage monthly subscription? Yes please.
  • Chances are there’s a Massage Envy near you.
  • Need a gift idea? Massage Envy gift cards are guaranteed to please.


It’s the start of a New Year, which is the perfect opportunity to hit the refresh button. Chances are, by now, you’ve already given up on at least one of your resolutions, but don’t worry – you’re in good company.

The various benefits of massage therapy are obvious. Maybe you have occasional muscle pain in your neck or your back. Muscle knots can be incredibly painful, and you can only get so far by stretching or attempting to resolve the problem on your own. Instead of attempting to deal with this muscle pain yourself, why not see a professional who actually knows how to manipulate your muscles in a way that offers lasting impact?

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Massage Envy; I’d only heard good things but wanted to see for myself. I’m not the type that would go out of my way to find a place to get a massage, much less call to make an appointment, so this was a new experience for me. Of course, I was still excited about the prospect.


You have two different options when it comes to making an appointment: call, or book online.

Maybe the easier way is to simply call the location near you. They’ll happily provide you with a time/day that works to schedule your first massage.

In my opinion, the better way to book a massage is to create a profile on their website. A couple of reasons as to why I recommend this route:

Quickly select what you want them to focus on. Each of the following are offered as standalone sessions:

  1. Massage
  2. Total Body Stretch
  3. Rapid Tension Relief
  4. Skin Care

Check schedule/availability for your preferred location:
I don’t know about you, but if I can avoid a phone call by doing something myself online, I’m always going to choose that option. Instead of calling and asking when the next available massage is, you can quickly see available appointments on an easy-to-use calendar, saving you time for when you arrive on the day of your massage.

Save time for when you get to your massage.
By completing an online registration and filling out your preferences, you won’t have to spend time on-site completing the brief assessment. Instead, show up 5 minutes before your massage and get down to business right away.

By creating a profile on their site, you’ll have access to your massage history. You might want to reference it from time to time, especially if you’re trying to remember the name of the massage therapist/person who changed your life (most recently).


I knew I wanted a traditional massage from Massage Envy and was given the choice between a 60 minute and 90 minute massage. Obviously, the 90 minute one is a little bit more expensive, but I figured it would be worth it.

I’d had a few massages in the past at other spas, and from my experience, 60 minutes feels too short. By the time you get settled in and start feeling relaxed, you don’t have a ton of time left. I’m here to tell you from experience that if you can swing it, the 90 minute massage is without a doubt, the correct choice.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, with no data to support my statement, and state with extreme confidence that most people probably get the 60 minute massage. Such a missed opportunity. The extra 30 minutes is so worth it! A full hour and a half is just simply the way to go. Even though this comes down to personal preference, I’m positively convinced that I’m right.


On the day of my appointment, I showed up about 10 minutes early (which they recommend). I had already filled out my information online, so checking in was a breeze. They asked me if I wanted any water or anything, and it wasn’t long until my massage therapist appeared and quickly whisked me away to one of their rooms.

The room itself smelled amazing when I walked in, there was definitely an aromatherapy vibe going on. The massage therapist reviewed the preferences that I had filled out online, and asked if there were any additional focus areas I wanted her to pay extra attention to. I think I said “Whatever you normally do” because I was worried if I told her to focus on one particular area (although my neck had been bothering me) that she’d spend too much time there and I’d miss out on something else.

Regardless, she gave me some instructions about where to put my clothes, and I crawled into the massage bed with my head facing down. You’re encouraged to undress only to the level you are personally comfortable. These beds are beyond comfortable; I was legitimately so relaxed even before my massage even started.

While I laid there, soothing music playing in the background. It wasn’t long after I had gotten into the bed she gently knocked on the door and re-entered the room.

Considering the vague guidance I provided to her was “I’ll have whatever a normal full body massage is,” I feel like I actually had a pretty incredible experience. She started out in the neck/shoulder area, as I slipped into a heightened state of extreme relaxation. After addressing my neck and shoulders, she spent a considerable amount of time on my back. Next came the arms, hands, and then legs and feet.

Can I just state for the record, that there’s literally nothing better than getting a professional massage? It’s hard to put into words just how great you feel both during, and after getting one.

There’s something that happens to your brain when you’re getting a massage; it feels like you’re in a different world altogether. For me at least, it felt somehow like I achieved a state of enlightenment, somewhere at the intersection of hyper-focus and deep relaxation. You’re calm and it’s very peaceful, but you can also focus on each application of pressure as your body slowly becomes more and more relaxed.

The only problem with getting a massage is at the unfortunate conclusion, when your therapist gently touches your shoulder and says “Okay, now how are you feeling? We’re all finished, I’m going to step out and let you get dressed.” I was hoping it would never actually end. I simultaneously felt rejuvenated, and sad because it was over. For a few minutes I laid there silently, without moving. Eventually, I slowly got up and realized I actually had to leave.

Stumbling out of the room in a haze of happiness, she greeted me with a glass of water and some instructions about stretching, and drinking more water when I got home. I kind of heard what she said, but also I’m pretty sure I looked like a pleasant zombie.

In summary: I guess you could say, I had a good experience? Okay but real talk, it was absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend. If you haven’t had a massage recently, you need to.


Massage Envy obviously does professional massages, but they also offer a number of other self-care services that you absolutely need to check out. Here’s a list of everything they offer:

Choose between a 60 minute and 90 minute traditional massage. Can’t go wrong here.

Total Body Stretch
Professionally assisted stretch promoting flexibility, mobility and performance. The benefits of stretching are well documented. This is a great option if you don’t want a massage but want to feel refreshed. Choose between 30 minute or 60 minutes.

Rapid Tension Relief
This is a 30 minute session featuring the Hyperice Hypervolt (a hand-held massage device) that uses vibration technology in an effort to ease muscle tension. If you haven’t tried one, you’re in for a real treat.

Skin Care

  1. Customized facials
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Microderm infusions
  4. Acne facial series – coming soon!


You should probably go ahead and find a Massage Envy near you.

Assuming you don’t know how to use Google, the quickest way to find one is by using the locations page on Massage Envy’s website at to figure out where you need to go.

With nearly 1,200 locations nationwide, chances are good you’ll be within driving distance of one.


If you’re like me, and now realize that massage therapy needs a regular place in your life, you should explore getting a Massage Envy membership. By signing up for a membership, you’ll get better rates. More importantly, you’re getting at least one massage, total body stretch, or healthy skin facial session each month. You can rollover unused sessions to the next month as needed, or save them up to use on a 90 minute session.

A membership costs between $60 and $80 per month, depending on your location. The membership can be used at over 1,200 franchised locations across the United States!

Not ready to commit to a membership? I’ve found that Massage Envy’s non-member rates are incredibly reasonable. Rates for services can depend on location and availability, but generally speaking they look like the following:

  • 60-90 minute massage: $90 – $150
  • 60-90 minute Total Body Stretch: $90 – $180
  • Healthy Skin Facial: $90 – $150
  • Advanced Skincare Treatments: $130 – $180


If you’re struggling to find a gift idea for just about anyone in your life, a gift card from Massage Envy is sure to be a hit.

Unlike other gift cards, you’re giving an experience and not just a trip to go shopping (or worse, shopping online).

Giving someone a gift card to Massage Envy is next-level, and I guarantee you they won’t be disappointed. Who doesn’t love getting a massage? For whatever reason, people just don’t always prioritize buying a massage for themselves. Help that person out – get them something that’s actually going to improve their lives.


I hereby declare that Massage Envy has the potential to change your life. This might sound like an exaggeration (and okay, maybe it is a little bit), but I swear you’ll feel better about your life once you get your massage.

You might be thinking, “I can’t afford to get a massage right now”. And yet, think about all the stuff you actually spend money on. Maybe don’t eat out once or twice this month… and boom you suddenly have your massage budget.

In addition to the heavenly massage I had, I had no idea that Massage Envy offers a ton of other services that peaked my interest. While I haven’t gotten a chance to test them all out yet, I’m absolutely making plans to do so.

It’s 2020 after all, this is your decade! Isn’t it time you started to feel better about yourself, both physically and mentally? Massage Envy can help.

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