Gift Ideas for Casino Gamblers That Everyone Will Love

By July 23, 2016Advice, Buyer Guide

Gift Ideas for Casino Gamblers That Everyone Will Love

Are you shopping for someone who likes to hit the casino? Here's a few ideas for the gamblers in your life.
By Ben Jackson   July 23, 2016 2:59 pm GMT-0700

Finding a gift for someone – especially for your loved ones – is always a challenging task. However, if you know that they are fond of some activities, it makes shopping for gifts much easier. This is why if you have a friend, family member, or even colleague who loves gambling, you can choose something unique related to casino games.

In the following, we will help you find the perfect gift by giving you a few great gift ideas for casino gamblers. One thing is sure: every gambling fan would be glad to receive a gift like these.

1.  Casino Themed T-Shirt

The first gift idea for someone who likes to gamble is a casino-themed T-shirt. You can easily find some stunning T-shirt designs about gaming on the internet. Most T-shirts come with funny gambling-related text but you can also catch some shirts with more detailed graphic designs. Try to choose one which represents the personality and gaming attitude of the person you would like to surprise.

Also, you can design a T-shirt by yourself to make it more unique.

To inspire you, here are a few famous sayings that are commonly used on casino themed clothes:

“I don’t even fold my laundry.”

“I like to party and by party, I mean go to the casino.”

“I don’t have a problem with casinos, I do have a problem without them.”

“I enjoy romantic walks through the casino, straight to the slot machines.”

2.  Shot Glass Roulette

Have you ever heard about shot glass roulette? It’s a popular drinking game combined with gambling. It consists of a roulette wheel with glass holders, 16 numbered shot glasses, and 2 roulette balls. This adult game can be great for anyone who likes to play roulette.

The game itself is easy to play. First, the glasses must be filled with a drink of choice and placed in a holder around the roulette wheel. Then, the first player can spin the wheel. In which number the ball lands shows which glass the player has to drink from.

It’s certainly a fun way to keep a party going or bring some excitement into a movie night with friends.

If you are looking for other roulette-related gift ideas, you can also buy a portable roulette table. About this gift idea, you can read more in this article.

3.  Slot Machine Coin Bank

Do you have a friend who always goes to the casino only because of the slot machines? Then, most likely, they would love to have a slot machine coin bank at home. These coin banks provide a great place to stash small casino winnings – just like an ordinary piggy bank. But do you know what is the best part? These slot machine coin banks not only look like slot machines, but they also function like one. So, you can play with them!

Of course, these slot machine coin banks can’t replace the gaming experience that playing at a land-based casino gives. However, gamblers would still find it exciting to have a special piggy bank in their home that represents their passion.

4.  Gambling Accessories

Our next gift idea for casino gamblers is accessories. There are a lot of different accessories that are available with unique gambling designs such as neckties, bow ties, cufflinks, watches, and even masks. Thus, next time when the person you want to gift decides to visit a casino, they will be dressed up for the occasion. Or they can also wear these accessories to a simple party to show off their love for casino games.

5.  Gold Foil Playing Cards

Most real gamblers, especially poker players, have already at least a few decks of playing cards at home. This is why giving them ordinary playing cards seems pointless. But what if you could get something extraordinary for them?

Fortunately, you can! Just opt for a deck of gold foil playing cards that comes with a high-quality wooden box. This will certainly take any poker nights to the next level!

6.  Casino Mug

Sometimes the simplest items make the best gifts. Since most people – yes, gamblers too! – start their day by drinking a cup of coffee or tea, it may be a good idea to find an awesome casino-themed mug for them. Thus, every time they look at the mug, they will be reminded about their favorite pastime activity.

7.  Gift Card/Trip to a Casino

Without any doubt, a gift card or a trip to a casino is the ultimate gift for a gambler. This is because these people love to play, so giving them the opportunity to play more is certainly something that would bring them joy.

If you know the place your casino fan friend or family member goes regularly to play, get a gift card at that establishment.

But – depending on your budget – if you look for something more special, you can organize a trip to a famous casino as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be located in Las Vegas, there are numerous reputable casino resorts all over the world you can choose from. Try to think about every element of the vacation, including plane tickets, accommodation, and a gift card to the casino. They definitely won’t expect an outstanding gift like this one!

The Bottom Line

There you have it. These were our list of the best gift ideas for gamblers. Ultimately, all gifts are great choices. But if you can, try to find out which one is the preferred casino game of the person you would like to surprise. This way, you can make the gift even more personal.

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