Essential Items Every Guy Should Have When Going Out

By March 15, 2016Buyer Guide

Essential Items Every Guy Should Have When Going Out

There's certain things every man should have when he leaves the house. Here's what you need.
By Ben Jackson   March 15, 2016 7:32 pm GMT-0700

Here is a list of items every guy should have on them when leaving the house. Call this your daily checklist in order to navigate life successfully.


If you are going anywhere except the gym or the beach, you need to be wearing a belt. Not only is it stylish, but long pants and jeans are just not made to be worn without them. While on the topic, make sure your shirt is either long enough or tucked in. You don’t want to be uncomfortable when lifting your arms or bending over to pick something up.

Credit Card

Yes, this one is obvious, but please don’t leave home without a bank card.


Any trip out of the house should be made with a wallet. Don’t be that guy who forgets his wallet at home. That guy stops getting invited to nights out. Also, a great place to store business cards, a driver’s license, ID, and the already mentioned credit card.

A men’s wallet has to be leather and not too bulky. Put it in a front pants pocket and not the back pocket. A sturdy and slim mens minimalist leather wallet is ideal and can carry enough cards and cash without getting too large. A stitched leather wallet is a quality accessory that will last for years.

Knife / Multitool

A multitool or swiss army knife is your best choice for an all-around useful tool that can even open bottles. They are both very handy to have with you and neither can be confused with being a weapon. Just check your state knife laws if you prefer a normal knife, especially if it is a fixed blade.

Mobile Phone

This goes without saying, and not just to post an image to social media. A mobile phone can be very handy in an emergency. Calling an Uber or taking a photo is also pretty hard if you forget this one at home.

Bluetooth Headphones

Small bluetooth earbuds are great to have with you. When you have some time to kill you can listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook. Whether walking or taking public transport these are essential to have with you. They also make taking calls a lot easier and you don’t even have to take out your phone.


A watch is still one of the most important accessories for a man. Your watch says something about your personality. You could be wearing a suit and have a sporty GPS watch on that says something about your hobbies. Or pair a t-shirt and jeans with a rugged outdoor watch and that says something else about you.

Get a good quality watch that can withstand the elements. Simple and timeless is a great choice, but if it is a newer smartwatch that is also fine. The upside of smartwatches is the notifications. No need to take out your phone and look at the screen every time it vibrates or beeps. Just glance at your watch to know if it is something urgent.


A backpack is a better choice than any bag you have to carry in your hands like a briefcase. Having your hands-free and the backpack securely on your back is the best way to go.

For any days out that you might need something warm, a camera, tablet, laptop, or all of these items a comfortable backpack is all you need. Look for a model with a lifetime warranty, that is waterproof and has a padded sleeve for a laptop or tablet.

A backpack should have at least a chest strap and not only two shoulder straps. The chest strap connects the two shoulder straps over your chest. A waist strap also helps when carrying a heavy pack, but for a day out that should not be needed.


Protect your eyes and add some style to your outfit. Sunglasses both protect your eyes from harmful UV light as well as dust and debris. Check the fit and style before buying. A good test is to lightly jump up and down or jog in one spot. If the sunglasses move around or down your nose try another pair.

Similar to a watch you can get a pair of sunglasses to fit your lifestyle. Like dressing up a bit? Then a pair of aviators is a good start. Want something more rugged and sporty, then have a look at running or cycling-specific glasses.

One last tip for going out: when you get back, have a spot in your house to put everything mentioned above. Put your keys, phone, multitool, wallet, and sunglasses all in one spot. If you always have the same routine you will never be looking for these essential items.

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