De Tomaso Shows The Futuristic Course of Super Cars

De Tomaso Shows The Futuristic Course of Super Cars

Bloomberg have reported the arrival of Italian veterans De Tomaso in Detroit. The future is coming.
By Ben Jackson   May 13, 2016 7:03 pm GMT-0700

Supercars have never left their role at the vanguard of vehicular innovation, but new blood is re-injecting life into the scene. Bloomberg have reported the arrival of Italian veterans De Tomaso in Detroit, a clear hand towards the incredible innovation being conducted throughout the auto industry, from top to bottom. Indeed, some of the most transformative changes are happening within the sports category.

Lightweight Innovation

Sports car innovation has seen incredible movement in recent years, with several new models moving into traditional rankings of car quality and relative innovation. One stumbling block in their field has been the move towards electric power. However, as explored by Forbes, the question of moving sports cars onto electric automation is being answered, despite their ultra-low weight, which had been an inhibitor of momentum, by the use of electric drivetrains.

Return of Prestige

This new form of technology and what it entails is enabling prestige brands to once again make a big impact in the market. This has been evidenced by the re-entry of Ferrari into the big stakes, India Times highlighting the pedigree of their 765LT. A key standout in this model has been the loss of weight, and it has formed the basis of an exciting new generation of innovative supercars that will soon break into the most important modern market of all – EVs.

The Hybrid Supercar

Leading the charge in this field is the McLaren Artura. According to Auto Express, the Artura is combining a hybrid engine with the ability to do 0-60mph in 3.0s, and 0-124mph in 8.3s. With a top speed of over 200mph, this is a real supercar, no limitations – but with the electric innovation that is going to be necessary in all sorts of modern vehicles in the years to come. This bodes well, both for the supercar industry, which faces questions over its sustainability, and its ability to innovate too. While the inclusion of electric power was previously thought unthinkable in this generation of cars, the example set by consumer sports cars is trickling through into high end autos.

Get excited, then, for a new generation of prestige vehicles. Auto manufacturers are spreading their wings and looking for new opportunities, and this is only going to benefit enthusiasts. It might even do a little bit of good for the planet along the way.

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