Top Father’s Day Gifts for Fashionable and Stylish Dads

Top Father’s Day Gifts for Fashionable and Stylish Dads

Doing some Father's Day shopping for a distinguished gentlemen? Here's a few tips to help!
By Ben Jackson   May 12, 2016 9:58 am GMT-0700

Have you got a significant other in your life who will be celebrating Father’s Day in just a few weeks? Do you want to be sure you gift him with the stuff he really wants and will actually get use out of? If that special guy just so happens to be stylish, and always up on the latest high-fashion trends, it can make shopping a little trickier. You don’t want to pick up just any old item – it needs to speak to their fashionable self.

Not to worry as we’ve got you covered with a list of the top father’s day gifts that are meant for fashionable and stylish dads who prefer to look like they’ve stepped right out of the fashion pages. Whether these items are for the father of your children, or maybe for your own dad who just so happens to be a style icon, there are plenty of ideas here.


Any guy who is into high-fashion and keeping up with the trends understands just how important designer sneakers are to the mix. Designer sneakers can elevate any outfit and take it from average to trendy and stylish. Not only that, but they are a comfortable fashion choice.

So, the big question is which designer sneakers you should purchase for that special dad. Fendi sneakers are a fabulous option, even if he already has a few pairs in his wardrobe. These designer sneakers, as seen on the SSENSE website, all boast their own individual style and flair so no two designs look the same.

In fact, SSENSE has a large variety of these highly popular and trendy designer sneakers in different styles, colors, and fabrics, which means you’re bound to find that “perfect pair”. And because you can order online, it makes shopping for Father’s Day a breeze.


Another fabulous accessory for the fashionable dad is designer sunglasses. Again, it’s about taking something that every person needs and then elevating its style. Designer sunglasses not only feature the hottest designs and styles of the moment, but they tend to be made with higher quality material and ensure the wearer gets the highest level of UV protection. It’s a combination of style plus function.

Now as for what kind of shape to purchase, there are a few standard types of sunglasses that tend to stay fashionable year after year. Aviator style sunglasses are always a crowd pleaser and tend to flatter most men’s face shapes. Not only that but they are versatile in that they work with casual and more office-appropriate or dressy clothing. You can choose from the standard metal rim and dark black lenses, or get edgy and choose a reflective lens in an eye-catching color like royal blue, gold, or even green.

Another popular style is the wraparound style of sunglasses that are ideal for active men. If the guy in your life enjoys taking part in outdoor sports and activities, then the wraparound provides the maximum amount of coverage and protection while also being the most secure on the face.


For those men that need to be able to carry a briefcase to the office each day, there’s another opportunity to be stylish and fashionable. Rather than a standard nondescript briefcase, why not pick up something high-end that performs like a fashion accessory rather than just a necessity.

If you want the briefcase to be able to work with their full wardrobe, opt for a neutral color like black, navy, grey, tan, or brown. As well leather tends to be the most durable of all the material choices, so this is a great way to choose something that will stay looking great.

You’ll just need to decide how big a briefcase they need, if you want something that looks professional or a bit more trendy, how many pockets or separate spaces it needs, and what kind of handle it has. There are even models that feature security features so that when their credit and debit cards are in the briefcase, they cannot be copied and stolen by potential thieves. This is called RFID wave blocking security technology.


Then there is the always-popular designer watch gift. Let’s face it, this gift is popular for a reason. That guy in your life may even have a few watches already, but the beauty is that you can always find room in your wardrobe for one more. There is just something so timeless, elegant, and fashionable about a designer watch and it can truly elevate a man’s entire outfit.


No matter which item you pick off this list, that fashionable and stylish dad in your life is going to be thrilled with the gift they receive.

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