The BMW R 1200 GS – The Ultimate Adventure Machine

The best just keeps getting better. This year it's all about the Rallye edition.
By Ben Jackson   July 3, 2017 3:33 pm GMT-0700
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The 2017 BMW G 1200 GS is nothing short of legendary. This bike offers dual-sport enthusiasts a bold new look, with the same legendary features BMW always builds into their bikes. They’ve seemingly mastered the perfect blend of off-road capabilities, with an engine that can confidently hit the freeway, and rolled it all up in a beautifully designed machine. The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is exactly the right choice to make, if you’re the type that’s looking to go beyond the limits. Whether hitting the asphalt, off-road, stone or sand, the GS will have you smiling non-stop as you ride one of the best machines they’ve ever built.

The 2017 update for this bike is available in two different versions – Rallye and Exclusive.

If it’s our money, we’re not even considering anything other than the Rallye. Their newest off-road monster screams BMW with the metallic blue and black paint; this bike gives me all the feels even just looking at it. BMW has explained that the Rallye version of the R 1200 GS has extreme biased towards off-roading adventures than the Exclusive.

That explains why the Rallye edition comes with wide enduro footrests, wider cross-spoke wheels, radiator guards, and a hell of a lot more fun. We’re honestly thrilled with the 2017 GS; it’s an attention-seeking, off-road crushing monster that puts the competition to shame. Here’s why we’re sold on this particular bike.


It turns out 2017 happens to be a great year for the R 1200 GS, with the aforementioned release of the new Rallye version. With a clear focus on off-roading, the Rallye has an optimized suspension for more aggressive riding, but there’s also another kicker; the bike boasts a 7.9 gallon fuel tank with optimized fuel consumption.

Unwanted stops are now a thing of the past.. somewhere Lewis and Clark are reading this review wondering how much more effective they could have been in chartering the Northwestern Territory atop the 1200 GS Rallye.. while shredding through mountainous terrain (and in the process forgetting their entire mission). Don’t worry Sacagawea, there’s a very small seat for you on the back.


Heck of a lot of credit to the engineers at BMW for this one. To keep its overall weight down, they made sure the minimalist frame design was kept in mind, without sacrificing toughness or rigidity.  The 1200 GS is more than capable on, or off-road, and comes with a skid plate that protects the engine positioned under the frame.

We haven’t heard a single negative thing about the bike; only some short dudes complaining about the seat height.


How do you feel about an on-board computer and having your hands free in every situation? Great! Right? That’s what the BMW R 1200 GS brings to to the table. New improvements has been made on the machine, giving it a specific touch and a new look. The technology is right where it needs to be for this bike – the speedometer looks slick, and everything just looks and feels like it’s in the right place.

BMW-R-1200-GS-Motorcycle-Rallye-3The on-board computer provides confident and effortless navigation, while monitoring critical data like fuel consumption and level, speed etc. Did I mention having your hands free in every situation? Yes, that means you can go keyless this time. They even built an integrated compartment above fuel tank to keep small things easier to reach.


As expected, the R 1200 GS comes with an excellent 92 lb-ft of flat twin torque, and a four-stroke twin cylinder engine delivering 125 bhp, making the machine capable of a powerful response in any situation. The flat 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine uses air/liquid to carry out wastes.

With such a legendary engine, the BMW R 1200 GS offers riders a rip-roaring off-roading experience capable of blowing away expectations.. if not shattering them altogether.


The R 1200 GS Adventure MSRP starts at $18,895 – well worth the price. The machines’ three main colors are Racing Red Matte, Light White, and Black Storm Metallic/ Dark Slate Metallic Matte/ Achat Grey. Top Speed shows that you can also get an Ocean Blue Metallic Matte for an extra $100, and premium options package for additional $3,350.


This bike is impossible to beat – it’s nothing short of a blast to ride each and every time. But keep in mind, the entire GS lineup is designed for the adventure scene first and foremost. Yes, you can tear through the streets on the 1200 GS, but that’s not where it’s heart is at. If you’re going to spend a lot more time on the road, consider the S 1000 XR or something designed more for street riding. But if you’re ready for a bike that can deliver top-of-the-line off-road performance without sacrificing a single thing, then look no further.

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