The BMW i8 Roadster Open-Top Teaser

Electricity flows through the i8 Roadster as BMW builds anticipation for the electric roadster
By Ben Jackson   July 7, 2017 8:44 am GMT-0700

It’s not much, but we’ll take it. Just recently, the BMW Group released a short (and we do mean short) 21 second teaser video that features a camouflaged body being prepared for launch in a wind tunnel. And guess what? It’s none other than the BMW i8 Roadster we’ve been promised, now confirmed for a 2018 release.

What we’re looking at is essentially just a marketing team with extensive budget, and someone who thought it was a good idea to achieve an effect of “spraying” electricty on the i8. There’s really not a whole lot to take away, other than the i8 Roadster is going to be amazing. But we already knew that. I think my favorite part is the headlights actually; they actually look pretty sweet.

Here’s the Teaser:

The i8 Roadster is said to be released in 2018.


The BMW i8 is equipped with new battery technology that will help it reach an electrical range of 50 kilometers. According to the BMW Blog, the new i8 is likely to have 420 horsepower instead of the expected 357.


If you’re concerned about the price here.. you can’t afford it. Considering the i8 hard-top MSRP starts at $143,000, you can be certain that the roadster won’t be any less.

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