The Best Yoga Shorts for Women

The Best Yoga Shorts for Women

Doing some shopping for yoga shorts? We're here to help.
By Ben Jackson   May 20, 2016 12:29 pm GMT-0700

Yoga pants are nice. But if the weather is hot and you just want to wear something light and comfortable, then yoga shorts are more ideal. What follows is a review of the best yoga shorts for women.


Who says yoga shorts should cost an arm and a leg. This pair from Custer’s Night proves that quality yoga shorts need not be expensive. This has a high waist making it perfect for all women of all shapes and sizes, from petite to small. Sizes range from small to 2XL. Another good thing about these yoga shorts is that it has three pockets so you can carry with you all your essentials as you head down to the yoga studio. The high waistband doesn’t only control the tummy, it also ensures that shorts will stay on even when you do squats and inversions. It comes in two fabric blends and both blends allow the shorts to be breathable, moisture-wicking, and flexible. This is definitely one pair of shorts that moms and plus size women will be comfortable wearing. The only real downside to it is that the crotch design may mimic a camel toe.


Apparel that is dual or multi-purpose is versatile and can save you money. This pair from ChinFun is not only yoga shorts. You can also use it for swimming. So it’s perfect if you want to do yoga in the morning and then take a dip after. It has a fabric blend that is breathable, flexible, and quick-drying, ensuring maximum comfort on and off the yoga mat. It has an ergonomic design that will give your body a streamlined look. Freedom of movement is ensured by the triangular crotch gusseting and four-needle six-thread stitching. A large inseam provides protection against chafing and covers the crotch area really well. It can also compress the tummy area well making it ideal for plus size women. The discreet side pocket is big enough to hold a 5.5” mobile phone. But if you’re planning to wear these under your skirt or dress, you may run into some problems because it’s a bit too thick.


If you enjoy yoga or other types of sports, then you’ll surely enjoy wearing these shorts from Under Armour. This pair is not only comfortable, but they also provide the necessary support that active women need. It has an elastic waistband that ensures perfect fit but also allows freedom of movement for maximum agility. It is made from light breathable fabric that is also quick-drying. So you can sweat it out all morning and still feel comfortable all throughout your yoga class. Under Armour is known for being a leader when it comes to design and it shows in these yoga shorts with its eye-catching details and side pockets. Indeed, it’s one of the most stylish yoga shorts available on the market today. It is made from 100% polyester fabric and unlike other yoga shorts, it’s loose-fitting.

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