5 Board Games You Can Play With Your Friends and Family

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5 Board Games You Can Play With Your Friends and Family

Here's a few games you can play with your family and friends.
By Ben Jackson   May 19, 2016 8:00 am GMT-0700

Finding time for your family and friends is quite a manly thing. If you are missing out on spending time with your loved ones then you might not be living the best of your life moments. Small things add to family happiness and leisure time activities lead to some beautiful memories.

The recent months haven’t been much feasible for outdoor activities. While most people have been confined to their homes, the number of activities that were available couldn’t match up with the availability of time. Also, the businesses were running much frequent discount offers, like eBay coupon shopping helped most of us in getting hands-on to our favorite products at a much lower price that could help kill time.

In this scenario, a family-oriented board game could have come quite handy that would have produced some engaging and loving memories along with the consumption of the time. We have come up with the 5 most common board games you can get to enjoy your next free time with your friends and family. These are all exciting prospects and force the participants to think strategically about their next moves.


A perfect real estate trading game that can last for hours not even producing a single moment of boredom. A monopoly has been that traditional game that seems to exist for ages and would continue to do for times to come. All those build-ups of assets lead to supersensitive dice moves and each player’s turn has an interesting proposition for the game participants. If you have an abundance availability of time, then this would remain the top preferred choice board game.


If you think you have an intellectual friend and family circle, then Scrabble would be the first go-to board game. Playing around with letters smartly and strategically is the key to winning the points and the game subsequently. Being a wordsmith and strong grip on vocabulary is the ultimate need of this board game and greatly enhances your thinking abilities in real-time challenging environments.


The perfect board game but unfortunately for two players only. If you want to engage someone in an intense environment board game then nothing could be offered better than the game of chess. Beware of those highly strategic moves by your opponent and keep your defense lines strong. Chess is also one of those legendary board games that would continue in its original form for the times to come. If you feel that you can lead an army in the right direction, then prove your point in the chess battlefield.


Want to build around buildings, roads, and cities, then what better proposition can be offered other than the Catan board game. It would keep the players engaged as each dice move turns the fortunes around. With each move, players actively engage in the trading of assets and wealth, so you got to play smart if you want to lead the game until the end.


A board game relevant to the modern times so why not try this one out. As a player, you have to stop the spread of catastrophic global disease and lead the world out of a pandemic situation where frequent disease outbreaks are happening. It is a super engaging board game and you really have to move around different areas and regions strategically while keeping note of your resources in hand.

These were the 5 widely played board games among the close friends and family members. You surely need to try a couple of them out if you haven’t been used to any, otherwise, you are missing big on superb playing memories.

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