Best Under Armour Sweatpants and Joggers: Ranked

Ready to embrace the jogger revolution? Here's a list of the best Under Armour Joggers that will change your life.
By Ben Jackson   February 24, 2021 8:48 pm GMT-0700

Never underestimate the value of a good pair of joggers. They’re literally the perfect pair of pants for almost every situation outside of the office. Whether you’re just getting home from a day in the office, or you’re among the millions who are now working from home, a quality pair of comfortable pants is an absolute must-have for your wardrobe.

Let’s be very clear here. There’s a substantial difference between traditional sweatpants, and joggers. Sweatpants (at least in my mind) have the connotation of being somewhat loose-fitting, and really only should be worn in the house as you transition to ultimate relaxation mode. Obviously, there’s a gazillion different styles of sweatpants; for the purposes of what we’re talking about here, I’m referencing the historical association and appeal of traditional sweatpants.

Joggers on the other hand, are a completely different animal altogether. If you haven’t noticed, joggers are growing in popularity. Some might even say we’re in a societal phase which can only be referred to as The Rise of the Jogger. I’m literally the only one who says that? Oh. Anyways. Much like sweatpants, joggers can vary drastically depending on the brand, material, and fit.

As someone who has spent way too much time thinking about, analyzing, and ultimately shopping for joggers, I’m here presenting you with the best of the best. That said, I’m only focusing today on Under Armour joggers. Which from my experience, are still the best out there. Yes, there’s plenty of brands that have popped up and no shortage of jogger competition, but Under Armour has versatility in their lineup.

Your list might be way different than mine. I’ll start by saying I’m unequivocally partial to joggers that are a bit thicker and warmer than most of the ones out there. Doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of winter where warmer clothes are preferred, or the peak summer months. I’m always going to want joggers with a little bit more. It’s thus no coincidence, that I prefer fleece with almost everything I wear. Fleece joggers, fleece shorts, fleece tops. If it’s fleece, I’m in. Team fleece here, reporting for duty.

Clearly, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about fleece joggers. I definitely have personal preferences that won’t match with what everyone is looking for. Just so you have a sense of where I’m coming from, here’s what matters most to me:

Color: as much as MKBHD loves matte black, I love heather blue. Has to be a slightly textured dark navy. Can’t be just plain navy or dark blue. Heather blue. Get on board. Also, no crazy large UA wordprint. Definitely want to see the UA logo somewhere, but it better be small and not cover an entire side of one of the jogger legs.

Material: did I mention I like fleece?

Leg: tapered is the way to go. I used to buy sweatpants and joggers that were open leg at the bottom. Never again. Tapered is a cleaner look, and if you’re running or working out you don’t want baggy openings at the bottom flapping around. Also lets you flex your shoe game. Also, never will I ever want a pair of pants that has a zipper on the leg. I get the convenience especially for basketball and the idea of warmups, but I hate zippers on the leg. Get those out of here.

Waistband: Over the years, Under Armour has played around with many different styles of waistbands and drawstrings. I personally prefer a flatter waistband instead of a bunched one. Has to be super comfortable, and flexible.

Pockets: I’ve gone back and forth over the years, but I’m happy to state I’m team open pockets. They have to be form fitting, but I’m definitely anti zipper pockets. I respect the zipper pocket community and realize the need for people who might have a key or card they need to transport, but I try to maintain a lifestyle of pocket freedom. Pocket minimalism. Zippers just don’t agree with me.

Now that you know where I stand on the all-important topic of jogger-based criteria, here’s my completely biased list of the best Under Armour joggers.


Of all the Under Armour fleece joggers in the world, these might just be the greatest. Anytime I see “double knit” I’m immediately intrigued. Speaking from firsthand experience, these UA Double Knit Heavyweight Joggers are nothing short of incredible. The comfort level here approaches absurdity. They’re perfect for lounging around the house. They’re warm enough for cold weather. Excellent for running (okay, jogging) indoors and out, and if you’re playing any type of fall sport like soccer, softball, or flag football, they’re the absolute best. They’re fitted, so a little bit more snug than your traditional sweatpant. The waistband is pretty flexible, and more importantly it’s just comfortable. The leg fit is tapered with ribbed cuffs. Open hand pockets too? These are everything an elite jogger should be. Do I own three pairs? Yep. They’re definitely not the most expensive too, which is an added bonus. Under Armour, please forever continue to make more joggers exactly like these.


Trivia time. How many variations of Under Armour fleece joggers exist? If you guessed, “so many” you would absolutely be right. Perhaps the most common are none other than the UA Rival Fleece Joggers. I just got a pair of these last week, and I’m happy to say they’re nothing other than wholesome goodness for your lower half. Featuring a mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, they’re slightly more lightweight than the Double Knit joggers, but they’re perhaps equally as comfortable. Under Armour will tell you these have a “brushed interior” which should translate to extra warmth. Honestly, not sure what a brushed interior is but that doesn’t matter. These are rock solid. Ribbed cuffs? Check. Open pockets? Yes please. These should be a staple of your ever-expanding collection of joggers. Buy them without hesitation.


You definitely can’t have enough pairs of Under Armour fleece joggers. These happen to be a lighter weight fleece, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a pair as soft or cozy. They’re not going to hold up in super cold weather, but they’re not designed to. Material is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. As with my other favorites, the UA Hustle Fleece Joggers are zipper-free. with a stretchy ribbed waistband and cuffed legs. Are they pretty similar to several others on this list? Sure. But like me, just tell yourself that they’re totally different and for a completely unique purpose. That’s how I justify buying new joggers all the time.


Under Armour spent a ton of time coming up with a super creative name for these ones. I present to you, the Under Armour Fleece Joggers. While I haven’t had the luxury of testing these ones out, I’ll go out on a limb and say these are probably amazing. They’re 100% polyester, with an elastic waistband. The leg fit is exactly as I’d hope for: tapered, with ribbed cuffs — noticing a theme here? The fit on these is looser than some of the others. Under Armour actually labels that on the tag; I personally prefer the “fitted” joggers over the “looser” joggers such as these, but sometimes after a few big meals it’s nice to options, am I right? We’re splitting hairs at this point. Every single one of these has the potential to change your life.


If you’re familiar with Under Armour pants, you’ve probably seen or heard the word Storm thrown around. One of the first pairs of UA pants I ever bought was a pair of Storm sweatpants. If your focus is getting a ridiculously comfortable pair of pants that are also capable of keeping you incredibly warm, you won’t find anything better. The UA Fleece Storm Pants are 100% polyester, so they’re lightweight while also being warm. They feature open hand pockets, but also have something Under Armour calls a “secure zip Strength Pocket” on the righthand side. Legit, you can’t go wrong here. These are the real deal. If only they came in heather blue though, right?


Think about your post workout routine. Maybe it’s a protein shake, maybe it’s stretching. Now it’s time to add “pants” to your recovery regimen. The UA Recover Joggers certainly aren’t cheap; they retail at $90 and you probably won’t find them on sale any time soon. I love the material blend here: 75% polyester, 19% modal, and 6% elastane. I’m going to be honest, I don’t even know what “modal” is but I like the 75/19/6 balance there. Anyways, you ready for this? Under Armour claims that, “the mineral-infused fabric takes the energy you give off and reflects it back into your muscles” or something like that. So let me get this straight. These pants are capable of transferring energy output into my muscles? While that sounds ludicrous, I’m not going to argue with science. Or Under Armour’s marketing team. If we can’t prove that they don’t transfer energy back into your body, I’m just going to believe whatever they say.


When it comes to Under Armour joggers, these ones easily have the best name. The UA Sportstyle Terry Joggers are just fun to say. Pretty soon, you’ll refer to these exclusively as your “Terry’s” and you’ll find yourself frequently dropping Terry references throughout the day. You’ll want to make sure you remember to put Terry in your bag before you go the gym. You might even say, “Hey thanks Terry, that’s nice” when you put them on. Seriously though, these are probably the smoothest joggers you can buy. Literally, the material is very smooth on the outside. If you guessed that they’d be 80% cotton and 20% polyester, you’d be right. Open hand pockets and tapered leg fits. These are the things we like.


Oh hey look, it’s a pair of joggers that aren’t fleece-based. While these are certainly ones I would not be shopping for personally, they might actually just be the most popular Under Armour jogger out there. Just kidding, I certainly didn’t do enough research to justify making that claim, at all. Let’s focus on what’s important though. I can’t deny they look pretty nice. The material is of course thinner, and they do have pockets. These UA Sportstyle Joggers are actually 100% polyester. [Simon Cowell voice] And for that reason, I’m out. But I’m sure someone could make a solid argument as to why these are the ones you want, if you’re running in the blistering heat of summer, while the blazing hot fireball/star known commonly as the sun, slams harmful UV rays into your skin. That blue is nice though.


Seek refuge, for a storm is coming. Not an actual storm, but more of an Under Armour Storm Fleece Jogger kind of storm. The best kind of storm, really. When you mix UA storm technology with fleece joggers, you get these pants — which are surefire, first-ballot UA jogger hall of famers. My personal favorite here is the incredibly mysterious “100% other fibers“. I’ve always wondered what other fibers are. Turns out, they’re damn comfortable. You deserve these pants. But they’re not going to be easy to find.


Are you still reading? If so, I’d like to talk to you about the UA Baseline Fleece Joggers. They’re joggers, which is basically a synonym for athletic sweatpants, made by Under Armour. They have pockets, but no zippers. 84% polyester, 16% elastane for those taking notes. This next part is important, so stay with me here. One of the available colorways is Cordova/Halo gray. If that isn’t reason enough to pull the trigger, there’s also this. The waistband is ribbed, the leg fit is tapered, and the pockets are open. This is the way.


If you haven’t tried a pair of Under Armour fleece joggers, do yourself a favor and buy some immediately. Even if you like traditionally thinner material, you’ll thank yourself when you realize fleece joggers are perfect for any condition. I played softball this summer wearing Under Armour fleece joggers and never once did I find myself regretting that decision.

So, this is the time you envision me digitally shaking you telling you how great Under Armour fleece joggers are. For the crazy people out there who incorrectly refuse to embrace the fleece movement, I trust you will live the rest of your life never knowing the joy. Anyways, these pants will change your life. You’re welcome.

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