Best Presents To Buy for Today’s Gamer

By May 9, 2016Video Games

Best Presents To Buy for Today’s Gamer

Shopping for a gamer? Here's some helpful tips to guide you towards making a smart purchase.
By Ben Jackson   May 9, 2016 7:50 am GMT-0700

Buying presents for anyone is a challenge, but it is made considerably easier if they have a hobby or interest to key in on when making this decision, Often we look at those who are in our lives and fail to see what their interests or hobbies are simply because we don’t recognize the value in them. Gaming fans can be the ones to often suffer from this, in part because gaming can be a hobby that is overlooked and that is grossly unfair. So consider the gamer in your life and buy them a gift that represents their passion.


It’s a no-brainer that a gamer would like games, isn’t it? But buying someone a game can be trickier than you might think, they may already have it, or they might not like it? But there are still plenty of options to get something that they will like. You could ask them, but even if this seems a little too forward then they may have a wish list on a popular shopping site that they have shared. There is also the option of gaming gift cards as well allowing them the choice of whatever they fancy.


Games are not the only gaming necessity that is needed to play, so why not look at alternative gifts from this category. Controllers are a must for any console gamer, as are headsets if they like to play online. If your gamer plays often and hard then you can find sore fingers and wrists can be an issue so a good pair of gaming gloves can be a good idea.


What does a gamer play their games on? Well, the obvious answers include, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation or PC, but we are talking a touch more literally here, specifically gaming furniture. The most obvious that we hear of is the gaming chair, which can have a whole host of features including controlling the game as well as comfort. But there is so much more to gaming furniture than simply chairs, sofas, desks, displays etc. all stylish and inventive.


There are so many games and platforms that offer subscriptions to their services. You can buy Xbox Gold gift cards or the same for PlayStation. These types of subscriptions tend to give free games every month as well as providing a platform to play online multiplayer games. You can even buy league of legends accounts that others have built up to a certain standard if you want a quick progression on that particular game. It’s not unlike buying someone a subscription to a TV or sports service and can give hours and hours of enjoyment.


Branded clothing is a desirable item and has been for a long time and any industry that can exploit this does so, look at fashion, football and, most importantly here, the gaming industry. The other aspect that makes gaming a perfect industry for this is the popularity of anything that can be considered retro, and gaming is rich in this particular brand of heritage. You can get all manner of classic gaming T-shirts from the 70s legend such as Pacman, through 90s classics like Street Fighter and everything beyond.


Further to what we’ve just been talking about the retro revolution and it’s flying in every single aspect of this trend. So in addition to just wearing the shirts why not actually play the games? There is a roaring trade in retro gaming consoles, going way back to the 80s with such amazing systems as the Sega Master System or the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but one of the issues with retro gaming is the cost of these original systems and the trouble with upkeep with aging parts failing that can be difficult to find or expensive. You can always use an emulator for your PC, although these are often unreliable.  There are more modern options though, a real trend in newly built versions of the old consoles are coming onto the market, usually pre-loaded with hundreds of classic titles, take this example of the excellent N64 console back in a new form.


Finally, there are so many toys as well of classic and beloved video game characters, you only need to look at the vast range of stuffed intend characters such as the Mario Brothers etc. or the action figures for classics such as World of Warcraft or Halo? They are all there.

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