Best Nike Golf Shoes: Ranked

Are your golf shoes holding you back? Here's our list of the best Nike Golf Shoes money can buy.
By Ben Jackson   January 2, 2021 8:26 pm GMT-0700

When it comes to golf, looking good is half the battle. Okay not really, if you’re a terrible golfer you probably should focus on straightening out your drive, striking your irons consistently, and your overall short game. 

But there’s something about improving your golf attire that for some reason, seems to potentially boost your confidence on the course. 

After your clubs, your shoes might just be the most important asset on the course. We all know the guy. Shows up with his raggedy untucked polo, wearing jean shorts and tennis shoes. Okay maybe not jean shorts, but honestly, it continues to amaze me when people play golf in tennis shoes. Get a grip dude! Literally. Every decent hack with the exception of Happy Gilmore knows keeping your feet firmly planted in the ground is a recipe for hitting the little while ball straight.

When you start digging into golf shoes, you’ll realize pretty quickly that you’re forced to make a tough decision. Spikes, or no spikes? For me, the answer is spikes. That being said, you don’t necessarily need spikes so long as your shoes have solid grip. 

If you’re like me, you prefer Nike even though we all know we’re overpaying for athletic apparel that probably could be acquired at a much more affordable price, just without the Nike logo. Lucky for you, I’ve tested out a handful of Nike golf shoes and feel good about the list I’ve put together for you.

If we’re being completely honest though, I’ve only actually tested one of the pairs below so you should absolutely do more research because I’m completely biased. Anyways, I give you the best Nike golf shoes according mostly to my gut instinct.


Nike Air Zoom Infinity TourIf you want a golf shoe inspired by Nike’s long history of running shoes, then look no further. According to Nike, the Zoom Infinity Tour was inspired by Brooks Koepka’s stated confidence of chipping and putting while wearing Nike running shoes. Apparently Brooks himself was somewhat involved in the design and iterations of the Zoom Infinity Tour shoes. They’re expensive, but they’re undoubtedly ridiculously comfortable and they look pretty nice too. If wearing what the pros wear is your thing, Brooks Koepka has approved this message. Make Brooks proud.


Nike Air Max 1 G Golf ShoeAhh… the Air Max 1 Golf Shoe. Isn’t she stunning? I recently played a round with a guy who had a pair of these and they look incredible. There’s absolutely no denying the swag. Nike continues to blend their popular athletic sneakers with golf technology, and these are a great example of the two coming together perfectly. The Air Max 1 G features a spikeless sole with classic Air Max styling. They’ll go with just about any golf outfit you can come up with, and they’re incredibly comfortable. An incredible golf shoe, in so many ways.


Nike Roshe G Tour Golf ShoeThere’s a very good reason why Nike introduced the Roshe style into their golf lineup. Beloved by sneakerheads almost universally, the Roshe one is consistently ranked as one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market. It would then make sense that Roshe was given its own golf shoe. The Roshe G Tour features removable spikes (different from the Roshe G) so make sure you know what you’re buying. Spikes will obviously give you some added grip and less opportunity for your shoes to slide while you crush that all-important approach shot. They also come in a wide variety of styles. These aren’t for everyone, but as something of a Roshe-stan, I can confidently recommend these golf shoes. They won’t break the bank, and you won’t be disappointed.


Nike React Vapor 2 Golf ShoeFull disclosure, I just bought these and they’re absolutely incredible. I knew I wanted a low-cut Nike show with spikes for added grip when ripping a drive. The Vapor React 2’s are consistently reviewed as one of the best golf shoes Nike has ever made. There’s a handful of colorways available, but the white with exposed neon green sole just spoke to me. I’m happy to report that after about 2 weeks, there’s virtually no break-in time and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. If you’re looking for a pair of Nike golf shoes with spikes, I’m going on the record that these are the ones. Perfect golf shoes, plain and simple. Convince me otherwise.


Nike React Infinity Pro Golf ShoesThe Nike React Infinity Pro shoes have been described as cushy, comfortable, durable, and amazing. They do tend to run a little bit on the smaller side, so if you’re splurging on these you might want to order a half size larger than you normally do. By all accounts, these are some of the best golf shoes on the market, Nike or otherwise. If I can’t interest you in a pair of outrageously comfortable golf shoes that outperform almost every shoe on the market, then you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. The Nike React Infinity Pro golf shoes retail at $120, which seems expensive but actually falls right in the middle of Nike’s price range for golf shoes.


Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 Golf ShoesAnother Nike Golf shoe in the Vapor family is the Lunar Control Vapor 2. There’s a lot of similarities to these and the React Vapor 2’s, and you probably can’t go wrong with either. If you’re a fan of low-cut Nike golf shoes and prioritize comfort, the Lunar Control Vapor 2’s might be your new best friend on the course. It’s obvious that the only thing holding you back is the shoes. Except you won’t have that excuse after you spring for these.


Nike Air Zoom Direct Golf ShoesSome of my internet friends will actually lead you to believe that these are the absolute best Nike golf shoes you can currently buy, but I’m obviously not quite there with these. The Nike Air Zoom Direct golf shoes are apparently pretty incredible though, and it’s easy to see why. They feature a low-cut design with removable spikes, and they’re definitely among the most waterproof golf shoes Nike has ever made. But are they the best Nike golf shoes? Nope. Not by a long shot.


Nike TW 15 Tiger Woods Golf Shoes
At one point in time, Tiger Woods was the most feared golfer the world has ever seen. While he’s unlikely to ever return to the absurd level of peak Tiger, he’s still a force on the course and capable of winning a major at any point in time. Looking back, Nike produced some amazing shoes for Tiger Woods, none cooler (in my opinion) than the Nike TW 15. Released several years back, you’ll have to pay a premium to find a pair in your size. You might even have to rely on eBay if you really are committed to rocking these on the course.

From a design standpoint, the TW 15’s kind of remind me of the Kobe 11’s, or even LeBron’s first shoe, the Air Zoom Generation. While you definitely don’t want a basketball shoe on the golf course, these are anything but. They perform as well as you’d expect, and they look absolutely incredible. Tiger Woods for the win.


Nike Roshe G Spikeless Golf ShoesIf you’re searching for the perfect blend of comfort and style, the Nike Roshe G golf shoes are perfect. Not to be confused with the Roshe G Tour shoes with have spikes, this version is spikeless which some people actually prefer. If you’re more of a casual golfer and prioritize comfort on the course, you’ll have a hard time doing better than these. They’re also one of the most affordable pairs of Nike golf shoes you can buy. Depending on the size and color you go with (in addition to where you actually buy them from) you can snag a pair of these for as cheap as $40.


Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf ShoesThe Lunar Command 2 golf shoes fall into what I affectionately refer to as the budget class of Nike golf shoes. But if you think they’re not legit, you need to take another look. The Lunar Command 2 is one of the more traditional designs, but serious golfers will approve of the no-frills design. People seem to love how comfortable they are right out of the box, with almost no time to break them in. They’re solid in unfavorable conditions, and won’t leave you slipping out on a shot from the rough. Good news too, they won’t break the bank. These have been discontinued for some time, but you can reliably find them available on Amazon. For now, at least.


Nike Air Max 97 G Golf ShoesIf you’re having a hard time deciding between the Air Max 97 Golf shoe and the Air Max 1, I’m right there with you. Me personally, I dig the AIr Max 1 a little bit more than the design of these ones. But to each his own.

The Air Max 97 G is a beautiful shoe in its own right, and one that looks right at home both on and off the course. But if I were to nitpick, I’d imagine these are a lot heavier than some would want on the course. If they’re not comfortable for 5 hours worth of walking, they’re definitely not for me. But if you’re someone who refuses to golf unless you’re riding in the cart, you really aren’t walking that much. The Nike Air Max 97 G retails at $179.99 but depending on where you get them, you might pay even more (or less if you know where to look). Ahem, eBay.


Nike Flyknit Racer G Golf ShoesThere are those among you who want something a little bit different than what everyone else has. For you, I present the Flyknit Racer G golf shoes. Just take a look at these things. While I’m a huge fan of flyknit and have several pairs of Nike Free’s wrapped in Flyknit, I personally have no interest in taking these out on the golf course. That being said, I’d be lying if I said they didn’t have my attention.


Nike Air Zoom Precision Golf ShoesIf you’re shopping for father’s day on a budget and dad needs a new pair of golf shoes, the Air Zoom Precision might just be your ticket. Okay I’m only partially kidding, these aren’t so bad that I’d call them “dad” golf shoes, but when you take a closer look at these you’ll realize why they’re typically available at deeply discounted prices. Maybe you’re in the market for a cheaper pair of shoes, and you could certainly do a ton worse.


Nike FI Premiere Golf ShoesThere’s a lot to like about the Nike FI Premiere golf shoes. They look incredibly sharp with the black on white and green insole. On the upper portion of the shoe Nike went with waterproof flyweave material, and the high-ankle build gives golfers additional ankle support to prevent slipping on an important swing. There’s better (and newer) Nike golf shoes to be sure, but these popped onto my radar a few years back and I still occasionally check Amazon and eBay to try and snag a pair.


Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour Golf ShoesAlright so part of me thinks I’m ranking these way too low, but I just can’t get on board with the design. Perhaps though, I’m less on board with the $180 Nike is asking for them. I’m not in love with the design, even if people say these are legit on the course. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh, but I hope I never have to look at these again. Do better next time Nike. Better yet, just scrap the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour design altogether.


Nike Janoski Tour G Golf ShoesBefore I recently bought a pair of the React Vapor 2’s, I owned a pair similar to the Janoski Tour G golf shoes called the Lunar Swingtips. These absolutely can be classified as something of a canvas design, perhaps even a blend between skateboarding and golf shoes. Because, Nike could I suppose? Janoski has a dedicated line of skateboard shoes with Nike, and these aren’t terrible but I’m just not in the market for skateboard golf shoes. At least, not currently. A lot of people love the way these look though, and I’m not here to judge. Do your thing, theoretical skateboard/golf enthusiast guy.

And with that, I’ve officially reached the point where I no longer have any interest in writing another description about any additional Nike golf shoes. 

Are these the only golf shoes Nike ever made? Let’s not be ridiculous. Obviously not. But did I put together a helpful list of some of the best Nike golf shoes you can currently buy? Absolutely. And for that, you’re welcome.

At the very least, you’re now equipped to look better on the course. Perhaps you’ll invest as much time practicing as you do shopping for golf shoes. Stop over swinging on your drive, keep the lower half of your body fixed while attacking the green with your irons, and stop overthinking your chips and putts.


Pro tip: if you’re actually serious about getting better at golf, I highly recommend taking a look at Cleveland Golf’s new Launcher HB Turbo irons. They’re unlike any other irons ever made, and that’s a good thing. If you’re someone who loves swinging your driver and your hybrid from the fairway, these crazy irons are made for you. Sometimes new technology can make a difference. I switched to them earlier this year and I can’t recommend them enough. Honestly.

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