The Best iPad Keyboard Case is the Belkin QODE

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The Best iPad Keyboard Case is the Belkin QODE

Looking for a companion keyboard for your Apple iPad Air? The Belkin QODE is the one you want. You’re welcome.
By Ben Jackson   January 1, 2020 7:59 pm GMT-0700

belkin-qode-ipad-keyboard-caseEven though I’m a laptop apologist, the iPad continues to remain one of my most essential pieces of technology hardware that remains a constant fixture in my daily life. I’m writing the draft for this post on my iPad (and Belkin QODE) as we speak.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a couple of monitors and a docked laptop — but there are times when the iPad is just simply a faster and easier option for surfing on a larger screen.

Despite improvements to the native iPad keyboard, there’s just no way I’m ever going to enjoy typing on the iPad display. Call me old school, but I prefer a traditional keyboard, separated from the display that I’m watching words show up on as I type.

For the record, no one paid me to write this review whatsoever. This is just an honest recommendation for an accessory I feel all iPad owners should know about.

It pains me when I watch people pull out an iPad cloaked in some horrifying cheap case from amazon, especially when it doesn’t have a keyboard built into it. I’m here to help.


I’ve tried a handful of iPad keyboards over the years, and the Belkin QODE is the undisputed champion. In fact, it’s not even particularly close.

I’d argue that in addition to being the best iPad Keyboard/Case, the QODE is one of the best iPad accessories in general. No single accessory has enhanced the usefulness of my iPad in a more significant way.


The most important thing when it comes to keyboards is of course, the ability to type naturally.

I’m personally not a fan of any keyboard that doesn’t have responsive keys. There’s all sorts of modern, even cool-looking keyboards that have recessed, or even flat keys.

The QODE keyboard is in all honestly, comparable to typing on a laptop. It’s obviously not the exact same because the width of the device is smaller, but typing doesn’t feel nearly as unnatural as with some of the other keyboard cases out there.

Here’s the quick synopsis:

  • Typing on the Belkin QODE feels very natural
  • Pairing is super easy and the bluetooth connection is constant
  • Turns the iPad into a more usable device for writing – sort of like the Microsoft Surface
  • Can still use the iPad as normal
  • Protection as a case is fantastic
  • Looks really sharp
  • Battery life is incredible
  • Only con is that it adds a bit of weight to the overall iPad


The past is littered with promising devices that suffered from a fatal flaw: tragically bad battery life. Most drones are still limited in this capacity, bringing usability to a screeching halt after about 30 minutes. Battery life has quickly become critical success factor for modern technology, and one that can ruin otherwise promising product launches. The best devices are the ones we don’t have to constantly spend worrying about whether they’re going to die or not.

I’m here to tell you that the Belkin QODE is a technological miracle, so much so that I don’t even understand it.

Somehow, the battery on this case needs to be charged like once every year. Let me go ahead and repeat that – this case, which transforms your iPad into a lite laptop.. holds a charge of like 11 months or something. This isn’t hyperbole – I literally cannot remember the last time I charged this case. Belkin needs to share whatever voodoo magic they discovered with the rest of the world.

I don’t fully understand it, but it’s honestly incredible. Apparently there’s some auto on/off-sensing built in that preserves battery when you’re not using it. Speaking of which, you don’t ever actually have to turn it on or off though, which makes it highly convenient. It just always works.


Almost every colleague, friend, or family member that has seen me typing on my iPad asks what kind of case I have. Part of the reason is probably the design, but the quality of the case is also a factor.

Everyone that’s held the case remarks on how solid it feels. It’s super thin, and yet very solid. It feels like a nice hardcover book when it’s closed, and I don’t worry about the iPad being protected inside of it. The high-grade aluminum alloy is a perfect material for the case.

It weighs just over 1 lb., which surprised me to learn. I would have guessed it weighed a couple of pounds, but that certainly speaks to the quality of it.


Belkin has designed the case to stand up through the use of powerful magnets. There’s two different display angles you can choose from, and the magnets are incredibly solid.

They snap right into place and don’t fall down unlike some of the other cases out there. The magnets are part of what make this case so great.


The QODE is available on Amazon for around $69. Nice.

Compared to other iPad keyboards, the Belkin QODE is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum.

The QODE Ultimate for the iPad Air 2 retails for $149.99 on Belkin’s website, but you definitely can find a better deal than that on Amazon.


The iPad is a great device on its own. The Belkin QODE makes it a whole lot better. If you have an iPad, you should have a QODE. It’s the keyboard case you want, so you can stop looking; go ahead and buy this one, it’s one of my most confident recommendations ever. Take your iPad to the next level.

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