5 Websites to Find Awesome Gifts On

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5 Websites to Find Awesome Gifts On

Here's a few websites you should consider if you want to shop for cool things online.
By Ben Jackson   May 10, 2016 3:23 pm GMT-0700

Are you a procrastinator? Or you avoid malls and shopping centers like they are the plague? Then luckily for you, online shopping is becoming a massive industry, and you can find almost anything you need online.  Online shopping can help with your procrastination because you can shop all year round from the convenience of your living room with a drink in your hand. Here are five websites you can find awesome gifts on.

1. Define Awesome

Define Awesome is a shopping website that has hilarious gift ideas such as cat butt tissue holder, talking Chucky doll, slushy beer maker, and Nike fanny pack sandals. There are lots and lots of gift ideas to choose from, at all different price ranges and a whole category of $20 or under.  All profits from the site go to charity. Each month the company takes time to choose a charity to donate it from helping feed people, to clean water initiatives, and helping children who have lost parents. If you are looking for gifts that will make someone laugh and know your money will go to a good cause, then check out Define Awesome.

2. Prezzybox

Prezzybox has a selection of gifts that make a bold statement. They claim to be a one-stop online gift solution. You can sort through gives by occasions, like birthday, holiday, and retirement. Recipient, which is him, her, grandparent, etc. Type, what you are looking for, such as gadgets, accessories, funny items, home décor, etc. or mix and match categories and specify more in the search, for example, musical gift for her on 16th birthday. Prezzybox has expanded internationally, and shipping is available worldwide, and purchases can be made in almost all currencies.

3. Gifts N Ideas

Gift N Ideas is an online retails, and they specialize in selling gifts. The creators behind Gifts N Ideas believe the act of giving gifts is the most significant expression of love and friendship. The site is easy to get around as their products are categorized into the category you are searching for, like birthday, thank you, etc., and by type, like wines, perfumes, jewelry, etc. Gift N Ideas have Gift Experts who hand-pick gifts from areas all over the world, and they have a variety of products to choose from. The site offers shipping worldwide.


IWOOT, once known as I Want One Of Those, you will find cool gizmos, devices, tools, entertainment, toys, and experiences. You can easily browse through the site for gifts, but they also have unique pages for gift ideas, and the pages are divided into gift ideas for kids, women, men, birthdays, holidays, unusual gifts, and much more. IWOOT has international shipping but displays only a few currencies.


SERRV International stands for Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation and Vocation is not for profit organization that focuses on selling fair trade products. It’s an excellent site for buying fair trade gifts that are hand-made from around the world. Their products might not b the newest gadgets, but they are unique gifts that support economic progress in developing regions around the world.


If you need to find a unique gift that will be perfect for a friend or family member is easy to find with a click of a mouse. So stop the procrastination, and don’t dread the shopping malls and centers anymore, because online shopping is so much more convenient.


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