The 3 Benefits You Get From Playing MMO Games

By February 17, 2016Gaming, Life Hacks

The 3 Benefits You Get From Playing MMO Games

Here's a few benefits of playing massively multiplayer games online.
By Ben Jackson   February 17, 2016 1:57 pm GMT-0700

It is becoming more well known that playing video games is not bad for you as it once was thought. In fact, it is becoming more apparent as time goes on that playing video games is actually good for you. Of course, it does depend on the game as some are designed to shut your brain off and just pass time.

There’s nothing wrong with those games which shut your brain off for a while, either. It’s just that some types of games, like an MMO, can be beneficial. These are the games in which you create a persona or make a country or a fantasy world.

In this article, we will go over exactly what those benefits are when you play an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game.

1) Uses Strategy

Nobody would ever try to convince you that chess is not a game of intellect and is very good for your brain. It’s a game of strategy so it’s essential that you look into problems from every angle to try to find a solution that works for the long term. This is a brain exercise that keeps it young.

It is the same with MMO games. There are a lot of things happening at once which require you to solve very quickly. Strategies have to be created and modified at a moment’s notice. There is no manual that you can read as things happen to help you through a problem. It requires you to understand what is happening and make a fast determination. The more you play, the better your brain’s ability to make those snap decisions.

This type of thinking opens up so many other possibilities when the game is done. It allows people the ability to think critically and even can prepare them for jobs in STEM fields that require this kind of processing of information.

2) Emotional Benefits

Playing an MMO video game is an ideal way to trigger some intense emotions. They can be relaxing but they can also be very exciting and draw out some very positive emotions. When you are able to solve a problem and advance in the game it draws out a lot of emotions such as pride and high self esteem.

Anxiety is also reduced not only while playing but also in other situations outside of the game. These emotional releases are a sort of training for the brain. It recognizes similar situations in real life compared to the game and brings out the same emotions when an achievement is realized.

3) Social Life

Video games used to be seen as antisocial. This generation of MMOs are the exact opposite. You can have a team of players with whom you play regularly. Even some of the opposing players are people you will get to know online. Even though these are virtual experiences the people on the other side of the screen are very real as are the friendships that will be forged.

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