Stitch Fix for Men Personal Style Service: Reviewed

Want to upgrade your style? Stitch Fix can help with that. Upgrade your wardrobe without ever leaving the house.
By Ben Jackson   November 9, 2018 3:20 pm GMT-0700

In today’s fast-paced world, where you must balance fun and work with more mundane responsibilities, it can be hard to fill out your wardrobe. And let’s face it – when it comes to men’s clothing, it can be hard to find a good shop or good styles.

But with the popularity of subscription services on the rise, there have been a few great innovations. You can now have anything from hobby boxes to meals and recipes delivered to your home. It’s starting to be easier to have your cake and eat it, too. Men are no longer being overlooked by these modern conveniences.

If you’re wondering where I’m going with this, just hang tight.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Stitch Fix, right? But did you know that Stitch Fix For Men is officially a thing? It focuses on clothing for men who want to look like their best selves, even when they don’t have the time to go shopping for clothes.

Why Stitch Fix?

If you’ve ever been to a high school reunion, there’s always one guy who looks way more put together than you remember. Style improvements don’t happen by accident – either he got married and his wife helped fix his pathetic style, or he took some advice from someone he trusts.

It’s also possible that you’re Steve Carell, and Ryan Gosling forces you swipe your credit card at the mall in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. Steve went from being a poorly dressed loser to a well-appointed gentlemen in a matter of hours. Point is, we all need a Ryan Gosling in our life.  So, I guess what I’m saying is, isn’t it time you let Stitch Fix be the Ryan Gosling in your life?

Who is Stitch Fix for?

Any man can benefit from having a third party help with your wardrobe. Stitch Fix for Men is a perfect gift for business professionals, guys who simply hate shopping (or don’t have time), dads who refuse to see a problem with their pit-stained shirts, and so on.

There’s some obvious benefits here, and others that might not be so obvious. If you’re like me, you think you know how to dress. Maybe you work at a job where you have limited flexibility in terms of your wardrobe.. or maybe you can wear whatever you want.

Getting Started with Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix for men is very easy to use. First, head to, and the rest is pretty straightforward.

(1) Fill out your Style Profile

The first thing you need to do is fill our your Style Profile. Naturally, they need to know a little bit about you. How tall are you? What size dress shirt do you normally buy? How open to crazy patterns are you? Would your friends say you’re a decent person and that they enjoy hanging out with you? Here’s your opportunity to influence what your first “fix” will look like. If you hate the color pink and wouldn’t be caught dead in a pink dress shirt, here’s your opportunity to tell them that. Not interested in any jackets? No problem, they won’t send you one.

(2) Receive your 1st Delivery

Once you’ve completed your Style Profile, you’ll begin to receive your Fixed Deliveries. Every delivery or “fix” comes with 5 pieces of clothing. These are delivered straight to your door. No more wasting time shopping! Let your clothes come to you.

(3) Keep What You Like

Chances are you’re going to open your first fix and instantly realize that Stitch Fix is exactly what you’ve needed. Try on your new items, stare at yourself in the mirror, and pat yourself on the back as you congratulate your new self and how awesome you look in your new digs.

(4) Send Stitch Fix Back Everything You Hate

If you don’t like something – don’t worry! Part of the magic is that Stitch Fix knows you’re incredibly picky, and you may like some items less than others. Send anything that you don’t like, or can’t afford back to Stitch Fix at no cost to you. Free and easy. The best part is, by telling Stitch Fix what you didn’t like, they’re updating your specific algorithm, and building a sense of what to send you for the next time.

How much does Stitch Fix cost?

Okay, so you’re interested – having your own stylist hand-pick some items you’re bound to look amazing in sounds pretty awesome. Naturally, you want to know – can you afford Stitch Fix? The answer depends, but we’re willing to say almost certainly yes – you can afford it. Why? Each “fix” starts with a $20 styling fee — this is totally worth it. There’s a generous 25% discount when you choose to buy all 5 items from a single delivery, and you can even tell your stylist how much you’d prefer to pay for each item.

Before and After

Want proof that Stitch Fix can actually help improve your appearance? Let’s take a look at someone who actually tried Stitch Fix.The picture on the left represents someone who considers themselves “all set” and capable of dressing themselves for work in the morning. That’s fine, if your goal is to be average. On the right, that same person now has an outfit that’s much more put together. As you can see, just one outfit can make a huge difference. It’s definitely not just some random picture of a guy battling a hangover, and Kevin Love from a GQ photoshoot.

Our Honest Feelings

There’s an old saying, ‘the clothes make the man’. Whether you’re wanting to look better than the competition at work, play the dapper gentleman at the bar, or even just feel confident while you’re picking up groceries, Stitch Fix has the perfect clothing and styles for you.

You’re a man, and you’re busy doing important, life-altering work. That, or you’re just incredibly lazy. Either way, upgrading your wardrobe shouldn’t be inconvenient. With Stitch Fix for Men, you can get great styles delivered directly to your door so you can have more free time to do the things that you want and need to do.

Sign up for Stitch Fix for Men using this link, and let us know what you think

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