Quality Wine Brands in Singapore

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Quality Wine Brands in Singapore

If you're looking for the best wines in Singapore, we've got you covered.
By Ben Jackson   May 17, 2016 6:00 pm GMT-0700

Singapore is a country known for its vast landscapes, beautiful beaches and popular tourist hot spots. However, one fact unbeknownst to many people is that the country offers a quality selection of nationally fermented alcohol. From generic Sauvignon Blancs to the exclusively local ‘Shiraz’, here is the guide to the best quality wine brands that you can buy in Singapore.

Red Wines

For the country, red wine has become the speciality, which is why there are so many good-quality brands to choose from. In general, the best reds include Carignan, Grenache, Aguanico and Sangiovese and although many different brands are delicious, there are a select few which stand-out either for their taste or their value for money. The best red wine brands in Singapore are:

Tinazzi ‘La Bastia’ Amarone Della Valpolicella

At $95 per bottle, this is one of the most expensive reds you can find in Singapore without visiting a specialised store. Of course, the wine is not cheap for a reason – the tinazzi has been rated an average of 4.7 stars by tourists and includes a rich variety of well-sourced grapes from the regions of Italy.

The Great Bonza Reserve Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is a much cheaper $34 per bottle, but is good value for money, as this wine is fermented and left to mature for at least 15 years. For someone looking at a lower price range though, this is a great wine

White Wine

White wines in Singapore can be much stronger than what you can get in the US or UK, however, they are still good-quality and pair well with an evening meal. The best types of white wine on offer are the Albarino, the Moscato and Marsanne, and the top quality brands are:

William Fevre Espino Chardonnay

As with all whites, this comes at a fairly low price, of around $25 per bottle. With grapes sourced from Chile, the wine is recommended to be paired with soups, pasta and creamy poultry.

Mooiplaas Chenin Blanc

This wine is slightly more expensive, at a price of $32 per bottle. This is a sweeter white wine, which pairs well with oily fish and Singaporean specialities including spice.

Sparkling Wines

The best quality wine brands in Singapore also often offer a range of sparkling wine such as prosecco, champagne and cava. Although it is rare to find these outside a specialist wine shop, they are still on offer, and these are the best brands in the category:

Ernest Rapeneau ‘Selection Brut’ Champagne

Although this is not the most expensive champagne out there, this champagne comes at the price of $48 per bottle. The ‘Brut’ is a dry, sparkling wine originating from the South of France.

Valdo Oro Puro Prosecco

This is an internationally recognised wine, however, it is seen a lot in Singaporean restaurants, usually priced at around $28. The prosecco originates from the on-land, hilly regions of Venice and is often paired with seafood.

Overall, Singapore has plenty of wines on offer. From a rich merlot to a sweet Chenin blanc, you can find any alcohol in almost any price range. Whether you are dining out or staying in whilst on holiday, these are the must-try best quality wine brands in Singapore.

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