Streetwear & Merch Brand Guide

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Streetwear & Merch Brand Guide

If you haven't heard about Lootie, here's what your missing.
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Off-White is a popular luxury fashion brand with 50 independent stores across the world. It’s headquartered in Italy, and it’s known for having some of the best looking branded streetwear on the market.

Products by Off-White include scarves, dresses, sweaters, phone cases, shoes, and lots of other different streetwear categories. Over the years, Off-White has gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable and high-quality fashion brands.

Off-White is featured on several mystery box websites like Lootie, and is included in boxes such as Off-White Luxury, Off-White Heaven and Off-White.


Gucci is an extremely popular Italian luxury brand that specializes in leather goods. They’ve branched out into several lines such as clothing, wallets, handbags, shoes, and more. Gucci is known for being an iconic brand that’s repped by singers, actors, and models alike. Gucci is also well known for its premium prices. For example, a Gucci Diamond Belt will set you back over $250,000. A Gucci Tote Handbag will lighten your wallet by $32,000, and a pair of Gucci Genius Jeans will set you back a little over $4,000. If you love Gucci merch but you don’t want to shell out that much cash, head on down to a mystery box website and unbox a premium case. There’s expensive Gucci merch scattered throughout, which you can obtain at much cheaper prices than usual if you win.


Louis Vuitton is a popular French fashion house and luxury retail company. It’s over 160 years old, and over the decades, it has made a reputation for itself as one of the world’s best premium handbag brands. Louis Vuitton’s holding company acquired several massive brands such as Bulgari, TAG Heuer, Hublot, and Tiffany & Co. In January of 2020, Louis Vuitton purchased a 1,758-carat diamond, the second-largest diamond in the world. Now that’s a flex.

Mystery box sites feature several amazing items by Louis Vuitton, most of which you can find in the collaborative Louis Supreme mystery box!


BAPE (A Bathing Ape) is a newer Japanese clothing brand that has quickly taken the streetwear market by storm. They specialize in jackets, hoodies, shoes, bags, and more. BAPE has several outlets in major cities such as Hong Kong, New York City, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Singapore. Cases on sites like Lootie are loaded with premium BAPE merch! You can find BAPE merch in Lootie’s BAPE Lucky, BAPE and BAPE Hype cases.


Supreme is a skateboarding shop and clothing brand that was born in New York City. Since its inception in 1994, it has taken over popular culture with branding on various different types of products. Supreme has worked with several high profile brands such as Nike, Vans, The North Face and Champion to create collaborative products. Supreme has also worked with celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, Gucci Mane, and David Blaine. Supreme merch can be found in collaborative mystery boxes all over the web.


Adidas is famous for its shoes, clothing and accessories. Most notably, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and is the second largest in the world.

This massive streetwear brand had humble beginnings—after being started out by two young brothers, Adidas has grown into a clothing king that produces t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, and more. Adidas frequently partners with other brands to create new product lines. You can find a great selection of Adidas shoes (including Yeezy shoes) in an Adidas crate.


Nike is the world’s biggest sportswear supplier and is one of the most well known brands in the world. Their shoes, clothing lines, and other products are world-famous. Nike is known to have sponsored sports legends such as Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, and Roger Federer. You can find Jordans and more awesome Nike merch in a Nike Sneakers mystery box.


The North Face is an outdoor recreation product company that produces clothing, footwear, and outdoor equipment. It’s known for pioneering several advancements in outdoor wear, such as new jacket technology to increase warmth. The North Face designed ThermoBall insulation technology and DryVent fabric, which makes their jackets some of the best in the game. Their products are of an extremely high quality, which is commensurate with their price point.

The Supreme X The North Face mystery box features a selection of The North Face jackets that were designed in collaboration with Supreme. You can win The North Face t-shirts, bags, beanies, necklaces, tens, hoodies, and jackets. Premium brands are worth the high price, but if you don’t want to fork out that much, simply unbox a crate instead!


Kith is a streetwear brand founded by Ronnie Fieg that creates sneakers, apparel, shoes, boots, and more. They also serve as a retail source for various premium streetwear brands. Kith’s founder is a sneaker design visionary: his first few designs were featured on the cover of The Wall Street Journal and happened to sell out in just 24 hours. Since then, he has worked with brands such as Adidas, Converse, Herschel Supply, New Balance and Timberland. You can find a wide variety of Kith shoes, hoodies, jackers, slippers, hats, and more in a KITH crate.



Apple is a Californian company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics and online services. It’s one of the biggest companies in the world, and has a universally recognizable brand.

Apple was instrumental in inventing the first computer mouse, and they revolutionized the way tech products are looked at. Their iPhones are among the best selling products in the entire world, and they have captured large market shares in the phone and computer markets. The Apple brand is synonymous with beauty, elegance, quality, and trust.

Apple products come with dedicated, day-long customer support teams. Their user interfaces are unparalleled in their intuitiveness, and their build quality resonates durability and class.

The Apple Box contains several exciting Apple products for you to win, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.


Samsung is a massive corporation that produces electronics of all kinds, most notably mobile phones and televisions. Samsung dabbles in various areas, though: for example, its construction division built the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building)!

Samsung products are known for their large screens, high user customizability, long-lasting warranty and good after-purchase support. Lootie’s official tech crates are filled with some really cool Samsung gadgets, including their latest phones. For example, you can find the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus in the Amazon mystery box.


Intel is the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer, and creates most of the processors found in consumer PCs across the globe. Intel has some extremely popular processors and CPUs, such as the Intel Core i7-9700K processor with 8 cores. Intel products can often be very expensive, so if you’re looking for a cheaper way to acquire a new processor to convert your old laptop into a gaming beast, look no further than a mystery crate!


Nvidia is a leading graphics processor producer and designer. Nvidia creates products tailored towards gamers, professionals, data centers, and auto. They are also now moving into the artificial intelligence division. Nvidia processors have also been deployed in supercomputing centers around the world thanks to their superior processing capabilities compared to most other brands. Their products are super popular with gamers, as they allow computers to push gaming capacity and speeds to the next level. Get yourself a GPU from a mystery box!


Astro provides high-quality headsets for multiple platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, and more). They have novel inventions like mixamps and VR headphones, and are very popular amongst gamers for their quality and durability. Although Astro headphones can indeed be pricey, you can snag yourself a pair for much cheaper if you find them in a mystery box!


iBUYPOWER create stunning and powerful gaming systems for gamers who’re looking for pure power. They sell a myriad of gaming PCs, gaming laptops, and custom builds. They even allow you to create PCs with maxed out specs so that you can get the ultimate speed and quality on all of your games, or other intensive computer tasks. Processors are always expensive, which is why you should never buy gaming PCs at full price. Instead, find a Lootie crate that has iBUYPOWER products and start unboxing! If you win a PC from crates, you’ll effectively get it for up to ten times cheaper!


DXRacer is a premium gaming chair brand. There are a lot of gaming chair manufacturers out there, but none are able to match the quality and reputation of DXRacer, which is backed by several popular YouTubers and streamers across the internet. DXRacer gaming chairs are stable, durable, have high customizability in terms of colour options, and have multiple physical settings that can be used to adjust your posture. All of these are super important in maintaining healthy computer habits. DXRacer has 6 million users worldwide! Look out for a DXRacer chair in one of Lootie’s crates, or on similar mystery box websites.


Rolex is an immensely popular luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. Rolex watches are synonymous with class and elegance. Rolex is the watch brand of choice for celebrities like Rihanna, David Becham, Miley Cyrus, Roger Federer, and James Cameron. Rolex watches are notoriously expensive and can set you back hundreds of thousands—however, if you get them from a mystery crate

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