The BMW S 1000 XR – Adventure Aggressively

The new XR is a travel-ready monster; touring never looked so good.
By Ben Jackson   June 1, 2017 12:04 pm GMT-0700

BMW-S-1000-XR-02As we know, BMW is one the leading makers of adventure bikes and the S1000 series has been in production since 2011. However, with the S 1000 XR (the third generation of S1000 series), it seems that BMW has studied the motorcycle market and decided to release this model to meet the needs of the people. However, with the motorcycle specs, we are able to discover that the company becomes the first to release a Hybrid Motorcycle i.e “an Adventure Sporty” motorcycle. It combines the adventure motorcycle specs with the Sporting specs. This bike is sort of like the motorcycle version of a hot girlfriend, who can also talk shop with the dudes. Extremely attractive, but shocks you when she pulls up in a BMW M3. You get the point.

The Engine

The BMW S1000 XR also comes with a DOHC, 999cc, liquid-cooled inline-four engine just like its predecessor S1000 R. Although it features some upgrade like the 160hp and 83 foot- pounds torque, which is more powerful than the R model but most of the engine design were the same.

We can see that the motorcycle comes with a powerful travel suspension, which is 1.2, 0.8 inches longer, and taller in the front and back respectively than its predecessor is. Moreover, with a steering angle of 0.9 degrees, the steering is inclined at a degree of 25.5 degrees more than its predecessors are and this makes it easy handle and control.

The Body

What’s not to love about the S 1000 XR? From my vantage point, the fairings and aggressive trim push this bike’s aesthetic closer to their supersport bikes, in terms of look and feel. If you’re the type who absolutely loves that racer-look, but know that you need something capable of adventure-style riding, the XR seems to blend the two perfectly.

BMW-S-1000-XR-12Fuel Consumption

The BMW S1000 XR comes with a fuel tank that is large enough to take 20 liters (5.2 gallons) and an additional 4.0 liters (1 gallon) of fuel. With this, you don’t have to worry about refilling your gas tank anytime soon. Moreover, according to the research made, the fuel consumption of the motorcycle at a constant speed of 55 mph is 44 mpg (which is approx. 5.4l). Therefore, the motorcycle will travel a distance of 200 mph before you refill your tank. This is indeed made for touring!

The Price

The S 1000 XR isn’t exactly what we’d consider an “affordable” touring bike. The $2,950 Premium package (which you should certainly be considering) brings the overall MSRP up to $18,895.. okay let’s call it $19,000. Clearly, the XR isn’t designed with the penny pincher in mind. Quite the opposite in fact. That being said, while you’re spending almost $20,000 on a motorcycle, you’re going to be pretty pleased with your purchase.

The Technology

Similar to other BMW bikes out there, the XR provides industry-leading tech in a package that will have you smiling from the second you fire up the ignition.

Not afraid of traveling in a little bit of weather? Flip the switch to “Rain”, one of the driving modes that comes standard with the bike (Road is the other – seems pretty straightforward).

Since the bike clearly has touring in mind, you’ll want to add the BMW Motorrad Navigator V navigation system, which will add another $795 but if you’re using this bike as intended.. you’ll want a reliable GPS system. Probably makes sense to pony up the $800 and get one that’s made by, and for, BMW motorcycles.


Comfortable Handling and Braking

The BMW S1000 XR is not only an “adventure machine” as it is usually called but also a tall, essential and carefully designed bike that allows easy handling. However, with the handle that is stylishly designed to brace the hand while controlling, the rider finds it more comfortable and easy to control the motorcycle. It also features soft adjustable handle guards that are spacious enough to make the rider ride in a comfortable position for a longer period without feeling any form of irritation on his palm.

As far as the motorcycle market is concerned, the BMW S1000 XR Adventure motorcycle is one of the highly respected and recognized motorcycles in term of control and handling. With its Adjustable seat and a low center of Gravity (COG); most riders can easily get their feet on the ground and this, therefore, will make turning easier and give them full control over the bike with less stress. Also, the Adventure machine feature a double positioned windscreen that can be manually adjusted

Furthermore, the street-legal adventure motorcycle comes with the BMW Motorrad Race Anti-lock Braking System and this allows for easy braking even when the bike is moving at top speed. We are able to discover that the motorcycle keeps the braking system of the R model, which is made up of 320mm dual disc that is braced in the front by Brembo four-piston caliper and also features one 265 mm disc that is clamped by two piston caliper at the back.

Suspension Design

The BMW S1000 XR comes with the latest BMW Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (D-ESA) option travel suspension that is found in the latest BMW bikes. However, the suspension bar is designed for the ADV seat that comes with the motorcycle, which can adjust to the level the rider want. From the motorcycle specs, it was recorded that ADV seat can be raised to a height of 33.7 inches and reduced to 32.3—inches but with the D-ESA option it can be lowered further to 31.1 inches.

Also, the suspension bars comes with the latest generation Bridgestone’s T30 touring rubber with sizes 120/70 and 190/55. This, therefore, tells us that BMW is focused on the intention of making the XR more pavement-oriented.

Finally, with all these specs, I believed the BMW S1000 XR is a must have for all motorcycle lovers and experts. Is it the most capable off-road bike? Nope, definitely not. They have the F700, F800 GS Adventure, and the F1000 for that. But don’t underestimate the XR’s off-road capabilities. It might just teach you a thing or two.

Made for Touring

By now, you’ve probably realized the XR is an incredible, capable motorcycle. But is it worthy of a cross-country adventure tour? Absolutely. BMW has built a strong reputation with bikers who appreciatse longer rides – and the XR is no exception.


The Bottom Line

The BMW S 1000 XR is nothing short of perfection. The combination of power, performance, and touring capabilities all wrapped up in a badass looking design all add up to a bike you’ll never regret purchasing. 



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