Dad is a pretty cool job title right? It comes with a bunch of amazing responsibilities, including wandering around the yard looking for a new project on a weekly basis. Not necessarily making any actual improvements, but he’s definitely doing something out there. With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not get him something he actually would use? While Father Of The Year coffee mugs are great, let’s also be honest and make sure our gifts don’t make any bold claims that can’t be proven. The Kujo Yardwear Backyard Legend is a product he actually needs! Enter for a chance to win Dad a pair of Kujo Yardwear shoes. Isn’t it time Dad actually enjoyed being put to work?



What’s so cool about the Kujo Yardwear Backyard Legend anyways?

  • Breathable: promotes airflow on hot, sweaty days
  • Water Resistant: keep out water from hoses, sprinklers, and slip-n-slides
  • Fitted: have you ever had a rock in your shoe? It’s the worst. Keep rock, debris, and clippings out
  • Traction: so much traction. Because no one deserves to slip while aimlessly pushing a wheelbarrow around the yard. Or mulching. Mulching is the worst.
  • Easy to clean: shouldn’t all outdoor shoes be?
  • Neighborhood swag: did we mention they come in three, not-terrible looking colors? Way better than those horrifying white-tennis shoes he’s succumbed to.



This giveaway ended on June 22, 2018. Dude Shopping hosted a giveaway for a pair of Kujo Yardwear shoes, valued at $120.00. Two prizes were made available for this contest and two unique winners were randomly selected.


Dude Shopping is in the process of contacting the winners; once they have been verified, their names will be announced on this page.


If you just now realized that this is what you’ve needed your whole adult life, hit up Kujo’s online shop, which we’re told is open 24/7. In addition to the Giveaway Prize’s Backyard Legend, Kujo also makes outdoor shoes for women. Because let’s be honest, mom might give dad a run for his money when it comes to actually making outdoor improvements. Be sure to also visit the Kujo Facebook page, and give them a follow on the Twitter Box. If you’re feeling real aggressive, check out their YouTube Channel, and since you’re now going wild.. maybe follow them on Instagram too?

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