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Tips for Choosing the Right Horse Riding Clothing

Whether you are doing it for fun or as a sporting activity, horse riding is one exciting and adventurous sport you can engage in. For beginners, mostly, there is that fear of slipping and falling while enjoying the bumpy ride. Luckily, with the recommended clothing and gear, you can help minimize the injuries’ intensity in case of a fall during the ride. Without saying much, we shall continue to tell you tips on how you can find the proper horse riding clothing. Enjoy reading.

1. Breeches or Pants?

Should one go for breeches or go the western way and put on some jeans? This is one question that most first-riders are always asking. To answer this, the choice of pants is dependent on many factors, among them are style and comfort as mentioned on this website. Breeches or jodhpurs are often liked by the English riders, while jeans are a thing for the western riders. One thing to note is that a good pair of quality and comfortable jeans can work ok. The jeans shouldn’t have seams so that they don’t rub when you are taking the fantastic ride. On the other end, breeches and jodhpurs are suited for the riding because they are stretchable hence fit comfortably, allowing free movement.

2. Picking the Boots

The pair of boots you choose for your horse riding adventure is crucial as it determines the outcome. It’s recommended that you invest in a piece of equestrian, specifically designed for the job. The boots come in various styles, and you might get confused when choosing the right option. You should know that some boots can work ok on the ground but never ideal for the actual riding. Therefore, if you are engaging in the activity as a one-time thing, you can consider the half chaps or the leather paddock boots. Such styles can work ok if you are doing the activity as a hobby. However, if you are looking to make horse riding your daily activity, quality footwear made or pure leather should be on your list of items. The superior quality will ensure quality service and promote a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

3. Don’t Forget a Pair of Gloves

You have probably seen experienced horse riders wearing a pair of nice gloves, and you are left wondering if they are really necessary. You should know that wearing gloves when mounted on the horse isn’t for the appearance but essential for your safety and comfort. Wearing gloves helps keep your hands warm in those cold weather hence maintaining a smooth ride.

Besides, the gloves help protect your hands in the event of a fall. Therefore, you should always ensure that you have worn the right quality. When you go shopping for gloves, you get to choose from a wide variety of materials, from synthetic to soft leather. It will help if you went for a pair made from a material that will last and that can offer the best protection. In this case, a pair of soft leather gloves can work ok.

4. Jackets and Shirts

Choosing the right shirt and jacket for your ride can be confusing as well, as you get met with a lot of options out there while shopping. Although western shirts are the most common, you should know that there are many shirts available for riding. All that is needed of you is to go for a shirt that allows the arm’s free movement.

When it comes to picking the coats and jackets, you should consider ones explicitly designed for the riding activity. Your choice of coat should be long enough not to hinder the movement in the saddle. On top of that, a jacket with extra padding at the elbows is ok as it means more comfort and better movement. One fantastic thing about choosing riding jackets over typical jackets is that riding jackets last long and worth an investment.

5. Choosing the Right Helmet

Having a helmet with you always when riding a horse is highly recommended. You may never know when an accident may occur, and your head being the most sensitive area, it requires protection at all cost. When shopping for the right helmet, ensure that you go for helmets specifically designed for the activity.

Many people make the mistake of bringing bicycle helmets to horse riding. Well, you should know that this is a mistake as these helmets aren’t designed to offer the needed protection in the event of a fall. Horse riding helmets are certified and superiors, and so you should invest in the size, style, and brand that suits you as a rider.

Horse riding is an exciting, fun activity. However, to ensure a satisfying ride, it will help if you choose your clothing wisely. Mentioned in this article are tips on how you can ensure that your dressing is on point. Read through the article to help clear the confusion you may be having while shopping for riding clothes.

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