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    Muse Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

    MuseSleep-Memory-Foam-Pillow $120

    You've wasted enough time sleeping on mediocre pillows. Not worth the investment you say? Oh.. okay. So you're good to blow $100 on Starbucks every week, but you can't upgrade your pillow.. the thing you rest your head on for (maybe) 8 hours every night? Stop treating your neck like it doesn't deserve better. Get a Muse Pillow and your body will thank you each and every morning. You might even stop falling asleep on the couch for once in your life.



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    Muse Sleep

    Noteworthy Features

    Cooling, Dual-Layer Memory Foam - Trust us when we tell you - these pillows are outrageously comfortable. If you're someone who enjoys (or requires) sleeping, you'll never regret investing in your bedroom technology. And yes - the Muse Sleep pillows are in fact, an investment in your bedroom technology. 4 different Loft Support styles - If you can't find happiness in one of the 4 loft support styles (High, Medium, Low, Extra Low) then you're not a real person.

    Why should you buy the Muse Sleep Memory Foam Pillow?

    Ask yourself - do you honestly even know where your current pillow came from? If you're like us, then the answer is "probably not" or you're just lying. Maybe you're a dude who fancies yourself a pillow aficionado, but in that case.. we probably don't believe you.

    What DON'T we like about it?

    Absolutely nothing. You may hear from some deranged lunatics that memory foam pillows sleep "hot" but that's just not true. In fact, the Muse Sleep pillow is designed with cooling technology in mind.

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