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Muse Sleep Memory Foam Pillow: Reviewed


I’ll admit it, I was one of those guys. The type that doesn’t think a pillow could possibly make much of a difference when it comes to getting a good night of sleep – really, any pillow will do. It could be 10 years old and look like it’s been stuffed in a suitcase for years.. just throw a new case on it and it’s good as new, right?

But it’s not that I’m blind to what’s out there. I’ve see those fancy memory foam pillows in department stores.. maybe I even tried one when purchasing a new mattress a few years back. From what I remember, memory foam pillows weren’t particularly comfortable, and I certainly wasn’t going to spend any more than $20 on a new pillow when there were cotton ones sitting right next to them.

That being said, my wife and I were recently looking at new beds for our guest bedroom. Having stayed on a family member’s memory foam mattress, we liked it enough to consider getting one. Muse Sleep was a name that I’d seen on my Facebook News Feed awhile back, so I went to their website to look at their mattresses. You know where this is going, right?

We didn’t end up getting a Muse Sleep mattress, but I did stumble onto their memory foam pillow section in the process.

Needless to say, we now have two Muse Sleep Memory Foam Pillows, and I couldn’t be happier.

Introduction to Muse Sleep

If you haven’t heard of Muse Sleep, that’s okay. They’re a newer brand, but you should definitely group them in with Tuft & Needles, Saatva, and Casper’s of the world.

Basically, they make ridiculously comfortable memory foam mattresses and pillows. But what sets them apart?

The Sleep Personality Quiz

This is the first thing we noticed when landing on Muse’s website. I figured I know myself pretty well, so nothing here should come as much of a surprise.

While I was taking the quiz, I realized that some of the things I was being asked.. I hadn’t ever really even considered.

Long story short, I ended up with a Medium Loft recommendation. I snagged a Low Loft pillow as well, because why not?

4 Different Styles

There’s four different pillow options for different types of sleepers. This isn’t anything new; each of the four is built for varying types of neck support and pillow density.

Extra Low
Low Medium High

In the Extra Low Loft pillow, they removed the foam core. The Medium and High Loft pillows are better for people with broad shoulders, and those who tend to sleep on their back. You get the idea here – but choose wisely, as they’re substantially different when it comes to your sleeping experience.

What does it feel like?

Honestly, it’s kind of hard to describe how the Muse Sleep Pillow feels. (Actually let’s just state the obvious – it’s hard to accurately describe any pillow without touching it).

That being said, these pillows are actually downright impressive. I certainly wouldn’t describe them as small, they feel very full. It actually worried me a little bit when I first took the pillow out of the packaging – I’m not someone who likes firm, or hard pillows. Even the Low Loft pillow is pretty “heavy” compared to another pillow. But my opinion quickly changed.

After the first night of sleep on the pillow, I woke up feeling a little bit more refreshed that morning. Yes, of course I realize how cliché that sounds, but it’s true. Typically I’ll wake up anywhere from 3-6 times during the course of the night.. even though I consider myself a pretty hard sleeper. Perks of having a dog taking up most of our bed I suppose (and religiously hitting the snooze button on the regular, if we’re being honest).

From someone who has a left shoulder injury and random neck pain, I’m pretty keenly aware of how I feel physically after sleeping. The Muse memory foam pillow absolutely made a positive difference in how my neck was positioned throughout the course of the night. I should mention that I’m also a sometimes-stomach sleeper, with a tendency to remove pillows altogether in the middle of the night, or if I’m struggling to fall asleep.

Want To Reduce Snoring?

If ever asked, “Do you ever snore during the middle of the night?” I always instinctively answer no. In my defense, I even feel like I’m being honest. But then, there’s the inconvenient fact that when I’m dead asleep, I can’t really effectively evaluate any noise I may be making. Without naming names though, I’ve been told this pillow has had a dramatic effect on a reduction in snoring.

Maybe it hasn’t been eliminated altogether, but there’s something to be said about a comfortable pillow and a more natural head placement in aiding against that inconvenient truth.

Fabric on the Pillows – Gel-Infused + Cool to the Touch

Probably my single favorite thing about this pillow is the cooling technology. You notice it immediately after taking the pillow out of the packaging. On that note, can I say that I was genuinely impressed with the packaging these pillows came in? Yes, maybe not the most important thing in the world.. but when buying a premium item, it makes a difference. Kudos to Muse on that front, the packaging was both modern and sleek. I digress.

Muse Sleep describes the technology as: Cooling, dual-layer memory foam. Cushy with the right amount of cooling support. I’d be hard-pressed to argue with that. The cooling factor is a game-changer for me personally. Even with a thicker pillow case, you can feel the cooling temperature of the pillow. It’s not that overpowering type of cool; the best way I can describe it is soothing. If you’re someone who tends to sleep on the warm side (my hand is raised), this pillow can help a lot with that.

Other Takeaways

After a week with the Muse Pillow, I’ve had a hard time trying to find something to complain about. But there are at least two things I feel are worth calling out. First, I didn’t realize the impact that the type of pillow case might have.

Consequently, I realized in the morning after the first night of sleeping on it that the pillow case had begun slipping off the pillow. In reality this was probably due to the fact that my sleeping style could be best described as a human tornado, but I ended up switching out my pillow case for one that does a better job keeping the pillow inside of it.

The other thing I’d mention – as with any type of memory foam, they had a distinct smell when they first arrived. Neither good nor bad, but definitely present. My advice: take the pillow out of the packaging right after it arrives and let it sit out for a solid couple of hours before sleeping on it.

The Muse Mattress – Same Cooling Cover as the Pillow

If by this point it isn’t obvious, we’re huge fans of the Muse Pillows. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Muse Mattress features the same cooling cover as the pillow. It won’t be long before I pull the trigger and get the mattress too.

120 Day Trial – Why not?

You’ve heard it said before, but we’ll say it again. Human beings spend approximately 33% of their lives sleeping. With such a substantial time commitment, it’s time to upgrade. For us, the pillow was a great place to start. It never ceases to amaze me how just a few years of technology can make such a startling impact and difference.

Muse Sleep offers a 120 day trial on all of their items, so there’s really no reason to hesitate. If you’re not completely satisfied, return the item – no questions asked.

Isn’t it time you changed the way you sleep?

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