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How To Use Statement Furniture To Create The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad doesn’t automatically equal a bare mattress on the floor and a couple of folding deck chairs in the living room. A man living alone deserves a comfortable, stylish place to live as anyone else. And if you’re planning on entertaining friends, you want a place worthy of showing off. Creating the ultimate bachelor pad doesn’t involve breaking the bank either; comfortable furnishings and a few statement pieces are all you need.

Incorporate Your Interests

Who you are and what your passions are good starting points when it comes to decking out your bachelor pad. Incorporate your interests and hobbies into the furnishings and décor, though be sure not to let things like gaming setup dominate the whole place. Guitar hooks provide storage and decoration in one, while a bookshelf is as good for books as collectible figures. Anyone visiting immediately gets a sense of who you are, while you get to enjoy being surrounded by your passions.


Add a classic look to your living room by using the furniture to bring color to the room. A white couch and chair suite give a clean, grown-up look that contrasts nicely against any colors in the rest of the décor. The play of light and color from the leaves of a monstera plant placed by a window looks stunning on white furniture. Alternatively, choose a bold, dark hue sofa for a different kind of dramatic effect.

Functional Yet Stunning

Statement furniture can be as functional as they are good looking. The bar cart is a prime example, looking elegant and retro while being the ideal space to store your drinks. Discrete enough to tuck to the side when not in use, it can be pulled out when needed, and it looks good wherever it’s parked. Team a funky coffee table together with your drinks cart so that your guests have somewhere to place their drinks between sips.


Although gadgets aren’t technically furniture, they can have as significant an impact as the furniture they share space with. You can display small gadgets like cameras or retro gaming devices on shelves to a stunning effect. Giving an espresso machine pride of place in the kitchen tells the world that this is the home of a coffee lover, and you’ll get a good cup.


Lighting is a terrific way to make a statement, and there are plenty of options that look great in any bachelor pad. Light shades aren’t a thing only found in a home with females. Pendant lights with an industrial vibe look as at home in a games room as they do in a kitchen. Floor lamps can bring exciting shapes and textures into rooms, as well as give options for controlling light levels.

There are many ways to use statement pieces to give your bachelor pad the ultimate finish, from boldly colored sofas to providing gadgets pride of place or having fun with lighting.

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