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Hasbro Adds Cool New Figures to Star Wars Series

Star Wars fans were given a huge treat recently when, as part of the Star Wars Fan Appreciation Day, Hasbro announced exciting new additions to the Black Series set of figures.

The announcement is an exciting one, with a number of new figures added, including a new version of The Mandalorian with fresh armor, the long-time series stalwart Admiral Ackbar and a carbonized Boba Fett.

Whilst The Mandalorian with Beskar Armor is an exciting addition to the Black Series set of figures, the carbonized Boba Fett is bound to get pulses racing. It isn’t the only unique version of an old favorite dropped last week either; there’s also carbonized Stormtrooper for fans to pick up as well.

The two special figures are slick, but Boba Fett stands out as his armor gets a shine that you feel it might have had when he first put it on. The Stormtrooper is cool, but hardcore fans of the series might not be as enamored with a silver version of a traditionally white figure.

These two figures are also likely to increase in value; The Mandalorian carbonized figure released last year can now be found with a 400% mark-up on the retail price, making it a great investment as well as a cool collector’s piece.

The additional of Admiral Ackbar, as well as the Ewok named Teebo, gives fans two more pieces to grab from Return of the Jedi. Ackbar, previously released as a double pack with a Last Order Officer, is a favorite of many fans of the films and his new single figure will delight collectors. The Ewoks did split opinion after appearing in the third film chronologically, but that’s not to say the Teebo figure isn’t worth looking at. The natives of Endor are heavy on fine detail and Hasbro has captured them superbly.

The new Mandalorian drop is doubtless in reaction to the scarcity of their first Black Series figure. After the series of the same name was released, the figure’s popularity rocketed and the figures are now incredibly scarce. By bringing in the latest figure, complete with new armor, Hasbro is doubtless looking to fill that hole.

Star Wars and science fiction, in general, seems to be gaining popularity once more. There’s always been an allure around the films, starting way back in the late seventies when the first set of action figures became must-have toys. In recent years, the series and genre have experienced something of a resurgence, in both digital formats and on the silver screen.

Some games directly lean on the subject matter, with the crossover Lego Star Wars games and toys proving to be hugely popular. Other platforms have seen success with games that rely on the imagery of the genre, with space travel incredibly popular even outside of the obvious franchises. In particular online platforms have embraced the legacy of films like Star Wars to create their own sci-fi games. Foxy Games has several science fiction titles, including Space Digger and Star Spinner, that use imagery made iconic by Star Wars. Both titles include concepts from science fiction that will appeal to those who enjoy the films and games associated with the genre. Even console games such as Mass Effect and No Man’s Sky have borrowed from both Star Wars and rival Star Trek in both themes and the wider setting of space exploration.

With Disney set to release a number of new films on the back of The Last Skywalker, these figures won’t be the last for collectors to grab, so it is best to act quickly if you want a carbonized Boba Fett staring down at you from your shelf. They retail at $24.99 and will ship sometime in August.

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