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The BMW F 750 GS – A New Beginning

BMW-F-750-GS-MotorcycleBMW has replaced both the F 700 and F 800 dual-sport adventure motorcycles, and delivered the F 750 and 850 as replacements. This wasn’t necessarily surprise, as the 700 has been undersized for awhile, and sort of in-between a dual-sport and a road bike. Unfortunately, they also did away with the G 650 GS, which was a hell of a lot of fun.

Specifications We Care About

Who is this bike for?

The F 750 GS is for someone who wants a playful machine that’s both easy and fun to ride. With an 853cc engine putting out 77 horsepower, it’s not really a bike that you’d want to spend hours on the freeway riding. But of course, that’s not why you would ever buy a dual-sport bike.

There’s concern though, that the new 2019 BMW 750 GS is more than capable on roads.. and yet maybe doesn’t live up to the BMW name when it’s taken off the beaten path. Which should absolutely be a red flag.

So, who exactly is this bike for? Probably someone who’s fairly new to riding, or someone who isn’t entirely ready to commit to what type of riding they’re going to do. That being said, it’s not exactly priced at an entry level, and it remains to be seen just how well this bike will actually sell.

The Body

As you would expect with any F series from BMW, the 750 looks like a high powered dirt bike. This results in a mostly upright riding position, but an impressive body with the classic super-enduro styling traits that run true to it’s heritage.

The Engine

The 750 GS features an adequate engine, but not one that is powerful enough for any riding conditions that you may encounter. The bike’s 853cc engine produces 77 horsepower, which doesn’t sound like a lot.. because it isn’t. However, since the only bike weighs around 493 pounds wet, there’s plenty of power for accelerating and higher speed cruising.

With an inline 2 cylinder engine that’s water cooled, there is also plenty of torque available for fast take offs. It is very smooth and quiet due to the double counter balanced shafts. It is linked to a transmission featuring 6 speeds that can be shifted without even using the clutch. It uses a chain drive so there is no power loss like you might see in bikes that use a drive shaft.

Function and Capability

One of the best parts about riding a dual-sport bike is that you’re not limited to one type of terrain, in theory.

Early test rides have affirmed that the F 750 GS is an absolute dream to ride on the streets. BMW has created a beautiful, fun-loving machine in that regard. Again, there’s some concern that this bike isn’t fully capable of standing up to extreme terrain.

BMW would certainly tell you a different story, but there’s no denying that it’s an incredibly difficult task to create a bike that can seamlessly handle both street and off road riding. We’re getting closer and closer, but the 750 isn’t perfect and still needs to be refined. Which, makes sense, considering this is technically the first year for the 750 model.


The wheels on the 750 are cast with 19 inch front and 17 on the rear. The tires are wide and stable with 110/80 being on the front and 150/70 bringing up the back. Combined with a long wheel base and well designed chassis, this makes for a very stable bike at any speed.


The old speedometer is no longer there. Featuring a new high tech screen that is large and bright enough to be seen in any condition. The digital readout displays speed, RPM, trip information, and can even be paired to your smart phone. Finding your way in new territories has never been easier, plus you will have access to all your favorite music during the ride.

Available Packages: Style + Color Packages

The BMW 750 GS comes in 3 distinct colorways, from what we can tell. There’s white, yellow, and black. The black version is specifically named the “Stereo Metallic Matte w/ Exclusive Style Package” and adds cost to the white model. They’re all accented with black trim, so you can’t really go wrong when selecting a colorway.

The BMW F 750 GS: Light White

Price: Starts at $12,795. Premium Package raises the cost to $13,845

The BMW F 750 GS: Austin Yellow Metallic

Price: Starts at $12,895. Premium Package raises the cost to $13,945

The BMW F 750 GS: Stereo Metallic Matte w/ Exclusive Style Package:

Price: Starts at $13,045. Premium Package raises the cost to $14,095
Includes: Electroplated side panels with GS tape, Silver anodized handlebars, granite grey metallic rims, and hand guards.

The Verdict

BMW felt it was time to change up their adventure lineup, and thus we were given the 750 GS. Is it capable? Absolutely. Is it an off-roading machine? Not necessarily.

Considering that a new F 750 GS will cost anywhere between 13 to 17 thousand dollars, you’ll have to ask yourself if this bike is really worth the money. Yes, it looks amazing, and this bike will last for many years while holding it’s value. But you can do better. If you’re truly interested in buying a 750, the least you can do is explore sizing up to the BMW F 850 GS.

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