7 Ways to Make Your Security Systems More Efficient

By August 4, 2016Advice, Home Security

7 Ways to Make Your Security Systems More Efficient

Whether you are running a business or want to keep your home safe, you need reliable security systems.
By Ben Jackson   August 4, 2016 8:33 am GMT-0700

Whether you are running a business or want to keep your home safe, you need reliable security systems. There has been an increase in identity thefts and unauthorized entries, which can put your safety and even your life at risk.

The below tips will help you increase the efficiency of your security systems, making them more reliable, and keeping you, your assets, and your people safe.

Smart Camera Integrated with Alarm System

One of the first things that people install in their home or office is a security camera. This helps you to keep an eye on whoever enters or exits the premises. It can also help you to stay safe if any unwanted activity occurs around your premises.

Even though standalone cameras are good enough, having one integrated with an alarm system makes it more efficient. The system alerts you immediately if anything suspicious occurs. Many camera systems are available that send notifications for regular activity and when anything happens out of the ordinary.

Remote Control Systems

You may have a security system in place, but it may not be a smart system. Older security systems required manual monitoring. This meant you needed to control the system using keypads or buttons. However, modern security systems are more advanced.

You no longer have to stay in front of the control panel to operate the system. Instead, the control panel is in your mobile phone. No matter where you are, you will be able to control the system. You can also check if anyone unauthorized is trying to enter your office or home. With the remote control, you can instantly lock the gates and keep away intruders.

24-Hour Monitoring

When you install a security system, ensure that it is monitoring round the clock. Traditional systems generally worked when they were armed. However, smart systems operate at all times, even when they are not armed.

These systems have constant sensor monitoring which let you know when any suspicious activity occurs. You should use a system that increases safety through real-time alerts and notifications. Many systems also notify you when you forget to arm them.

Vehicle Recognition System

In an office building, there will be numerous vehicles coming in and going out each day. How do you keep track of all vehicle movements? A high-tech Automatic Number Plate Recognition system makes your life so much easier.

ANPR systems capture the number plate of a vehicle and feed it into your system. This knowledge is exceptionally helpful in case of vehicle thefts or unauthorized entry into your building.

Access Control System

Gone are the days when people used keys to enter a building. These days, everything is keyless, and the use of access cards has increased. Access control systems prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel and keep the building much safer.

You can provide key fobs, access codes or cards to your employees. In case of any security breach, you can easily change the access codes or deactivate the fobs and cards, thereby preventing the thief from entering the building. This also makes it easy for you to keep a record of who is entering the building at what time.

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are more useful for residences, though not so practical for offices. However, you can always install motion-activated lights for late-night workers. These lights turn on when they sense motion, such as when someone comes into the room.

For late-night workers, motion-activated lights can provide additional security. In particular, motion sensor lights outside provide light to staff members entering or exiting the building, helping to keep them safe. These will also alert workers if someone is moving around outside.

Similarly, motion-activated lights are also a great way to keep burglars away from your home. Any intruder attempting to break into your house will be deterred when they activate the motion sensor and the light suddenly turns on.

Do Routine Inspection and Maintenance

Even if you have installed the best security systems, without maintenance you will not be safe. You should routinely check every aspect of your security system for any faults and damage. If you ignore maintenance, you might be left with a non-functioning security system. Always seek professional advice when it comes to maintaining your security systems. Hire experts to conduct regular inspections and identify any faults. Most importantly, address and resolve any faults straight away.

To Sum Up

You can keep your staff and family safe only if you pay attention to your security. Installing a security system is not enough – you need to ensure that your system is functioning efficiently. Use the latest security solutions to enhance your safety and avoid wastage of inefficient systems. Inefficient security systems may not only compromise the security of your home or business, but they can also cost you time and money!

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